Your Free Passport to Joyful Goal Setting This Summer

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE summer. I don’t mind the heat (must be that middle eastern blood,) love the extra light, and those quintessentially summer things like strawberries (that actually taste like strawberries) and beach days still give me those feelings of childlike wonder.

With all that joy and positivity in the air, creativity just comes easier, things flow. Summer’s a time when it feels like some things just become clear to me. It’s like the scales fall away on the hustle and bustle of the year, and I just see clearly to what’s important.

For a couple months, that New England Puritan work ethic that says everything good must be hard goes out the window. It’s a great season for getting clarity through intuition rather than just plain hustle.

To share the magic I feel in this season, I’ve been working on something behind the scenes for you that I’m really excited about.

I’ve organized a totally FREE summer series for the month of July on goal setting from a place of joy and abundance. I’ve invited a few expert friends and students to help you tap into the good vibes of summer and set goals in a new way.

1 | One Goal to Rule them All | Thursday July 12, 12pm EST
My friend, cartoonist, creative coach, and creator of the Creative Focus Workshop, Jessica Abel is going to join our community for a live workshop on simplified goal setting. Jessica wrote Out on the Wire, a nonfiction comic on radio storytelling *that I’m absolutely obsessed with*, so she knows how to make big, meaty projects come to life. Jessica’s in the less-is-more camp, so she’s a perfect fit for the kind of energy I want to help you tap into this summer.

2 | Playing Bigger by Playing with Others | Friday July 20th, 1-1:45pm EST
My friend and career expert Baily Hancock heads up the “The Baily Hancock Show,” a podcast that helps people figure out how to make big career moves with small steps. She’s brilliant when it comes to getting what you want in your life and career through partnerships and collaborations (something I call the Wingwoman Effect—and it turns out, it’s a really good strategy for women in particular.) Baily will be talking about how inviting in others can help you think bigger in setting your goals, and play bigger in achieving them.

3 | Setting Goals for Life & Work | Wednesday July 25, 1-1:45pm EST
I’ve invited two former students, Kerry Heckman of architecture and engineering firm Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, and Annette Valdez Dimaggio of Shawmut Design & Construction for a fun, lighthearted (and tactical!) conversation with me on their process of setting goals for themselves individually—together. They’ll share some surprising findings they had about their own goals while taking my Ambitious & Creative Goal Setting program last winter, and how they hybridized personal and professional goals to get more meaning and purpose in life and work. Just a little teaser for our conversation—you’ll hear about herbalist storefronts, getting creative with partners and kids, and how to step out of commitments when you know it’s time. And also…. how to get a great wingwoman who will push you to tap into more meaningful goals for yourself.

Collect ‘Em All
Sometimes if it’s too hard—it’s a sign that we’re not going about it the right way. Joyful goal setting is about letting it be easy for a change. These are going to be great sessions, so I suggest you go ahead and add them to your calendar right now. And go ahead and invite a friend by sending them to this link: https://buildyourselfworkshop.com//summer 


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