Women Don’t Pitch… and How To

I recently invited Jennifer Reut, an editor at Landscape Architecture Magazine to my women’s career growth Accelerator to talk about women and pitching.


Jennifer told me, months ago,  that women just don’t proactively reach out to her as much as men do…. this is part of the reason that women and their work don’t get the natural profile-building boost that helps build men’s careers.


From the minute they get out of school, from the minute they’re retired, male practitioners contact us. All the time…. ‘I’m doing this, I’m doing that. I’m working on this. I have this cool studio I’m running. We’re going to Bangladesh. We’re made this parking lot.’


There isn’t that kind of barrier, like maybe my project isn’t interesting enough, or maybe what I’m doing isn’t  important, or maybe I need to wait until it’s done….. They are right there.”


In this conversation, I talk with Jennifer about how you can start pitching and making relationships with press, how to make a successful pitch (without overthinking it,) and visibility-building tips for women in creative fields. She even shares a tip on profile building for shy people.



Jennifer and her team will be hosting drop-in sessions at the upcoming national conference of the Association of Landscape Architects. Calling all women.


Go visit her. RSVP. Stop by. Say hi.

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