Why You Need to Become an Executive Before You Have the Title

Why You Need to Become an Executive Before you Have the Title

You want more seniority. More salary. You want to be perceived as a leader.

But you’re stalling out. You’re doing all the “right things” but it’s not leading anywhere.

You want to be valued for the unique, varied background you have… but you just don’t feel seen for what you bring.

You’re getting lost in the crowd in your company instead of making it to the top where you know you have something to contribute.

You want your career to get back into a place of forward momentum, but you don’t want to push and grind—at the expense of your personal life and your sanity.

You’ve done that before. Grinded away. Gone above and beyond.

And you burned out.

You’re never doing that again.

And maybe you have a little person or two at home right now and you know that you don’t want to miss these precious years.

But something in you yearns to keep moving forward in your career. Something in you calls to be expressed at higher levels of influence.

Oh, my amazing woman, you don’t have to settle.

You don’t have to tread in place waiting. Waiting for life to calm down. Waiting to be noticed.

There is a pathway out of this career purgatory. Out of this waiting place.

But to get to the next level you'll have to become an executive.

Before you have the title.

You’ll have to set boundaries and operate at the highest levels.

Because the truth is grinders stall; executives rise.

This transformation is possible and it is the solve for you to keep rising into all your potential— and to find that new way to work. The one in which work AND life are both energizing and spacious.

If you’re ready to learn this new way, submit an application to start a conversation with me.

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