It’s that funny and amazing season where my gym is full.

Where I walk in and have to fight for a locker, some time on the elliptical, and space on the mat.

And I love it.

I love the sense of promise and possibility, the glimmer of what could be, and the willingness to put the hard work in, but I think that there’s one huge problem with the typical new years resolution.

And that’s that it’s all too often a solo process.

I don’t do new year’s resolutions, I do new year’s intentions. Last year it was confident decision making–I wanted to move from a perpetual waffler (paper or plastic, ahhh!!!) to a confident woman in charge, capable of making a decision even without 100% certainty.

A few years ago it was pitching my ideas.

And hey, that’s why this workshop exists.

This year it’s about confident speaking and communication. I do it in the workshop and at conferences and I love it. I have natural strengths in it, and I know that if I invested in it, it would take me to the next level.

So what did I do? Did I come up with some great personal challenges? Did I take all the suggestions in my communication workshop module?

Not quite yet…. First I set up calls with a few mentors, friends and colleagues in my life who I thought would have insight into this issue, and told them about my intentions.

I now am moving forward in ways I never would have thought to on my own, and I am now on this journey with others who are invested in me.

I carry their investment in me forward, and that will get me through the hard times of showing up even when I’m scared, of pushing myself, such as when I go to an improv class here in Boston (which is on the list and makes me hyperventilate.)

So what I want to focus on over these next few months is how you can make your process of personal growth and empowerment larger than just you.

I believe that especially when it comes to women’s empowerment, we all go farther when we do it with others. And we have more of a chance of changing the sexist game while we play it, if we play it with others.

So what does this mean? Reach out and invite someone in to support you in your intentions. You may find a friend, a collaborator or a mentor. And you’ll certainly find yourself stronger as a result.

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I’m a career coach and strategist with a secret power (I mean, past career) as a designer. I love road trips, graphic novels and helping people like you design the career you love on your own terms.