Want To Be The Change? Here’s How:

I’ve written a lot recently about the change you can be in your workplace or business. I’ve focused on ideas like how you might lead differently and how being more strategic with your time can lead to a stronger business, better social life, and happier campers at work.

I’ve also shared more info on the why behind the coaching and training I do. My goal is simple: I want to get women’s workplaces and industries working for them, and to get women in roles they love that align with their highest potential so that they can change the game for others.

Itching to be the change yourself?

Today I’m sharing a favorite resource of mine — 100 Things by the 3% Movement.

Click this image to read the full list!

The 3% Movement is a concerted effort to raise the number of women in positions of influence in the advertising movement. Since they’ve begun their effort, the number of female creative directors who are women has risen from 3% to 11% nationwide.

100 Things is full of practical, actionable suggestions for what you can do to support more women in leadership. Suggestions range from amplifying the ideas of women in meetings to creating hashtags that capture brilliance that occurs off the clock and outside the office (#ClockOutConcept, which aims to combat the dangerous habit agencies have for valuing availability over creativity).

But what I really love about this resource is that they have suggestions specifically for men.

Though women are strong advocates for themselves, they are not solely responsible for making their own voices heard. Men also have an important role to play in this movement. That’s because unconscious gender bias and sexism is not a women’s issue, but an issue for all. Just as racial bias and racism do not only affect people of color, so gender bias and sexism create problems for all genders. We all have an impact in the movement to creating a more equal society, and those who benefit from the current system have a crucial part in changing the game.

So print it out. Hang it on your office wall. Pick a thing that speaks to you and advocate for it. Ask your leaders, direct reports, colleagues and friends to pick one too. Let’s actively work on addressing the inequalities that need to change.

Be the change.

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