These Build Yourself Women Are Making Impacts in Their Communities

Bolanle Williams-Olley

Bolanle Williams-Olley, Chief Financial Officer at Mancini Duffy and a client of mine, just launched SheBuildsMoney, which builds tools to help small design firms help firm owners understand, take control and be successful in managing business finances.

I worked with Bola through my Women’s Thought Leadership Coaching—a 4-month one-on-one coaching engagement in which we develop a business-strategic way to integrate thought leadership into your career. 

Bola walked into our work with amazing accomplishments in her personal and professional life. She’d been speaking at conferences to designers on firm finances, had founded SheBuildsWaves, a network of women in the build environment industry, and SheBuildsLives which supports low-income schools in Nigeria.

When Bola and I worked together on her conference talk, in addition to rebuilding her talk, an additional opportunity emerged to extend her “SheBuilds…” brand with a tool that could bring her superpower in helping designers understand money to more people.

So I helped Bola build a tool design firm owners could use to make better decisions about the money in their businesses—and to escape the stress that comes with it. To truly own the role of money in their businesses so that they can build the businesses and lives that they choose.

Bola is now launching a pilot group for SheBuildsMoney. The pilot is open to design firm owners with 1-9 employees and will be capped at 12 participants. You can learn more about the pilot program here

Client Taylor Davis

In a time in which we’re all spending much more time at home, Taylor Plosser Davis, founder of Birmingham-based architecture firm TPD, is offering a new consultation service to help seniors understand what their options are for upgrading their home’s accessibility. Taylor – whose specialty is “senior living that doesn’t look like senior living” – wants to help people who love their homes stay in them – without sacrificing beauty and style.

Preeti Sodhi

Preeti Sodhi, a community-centric development expert and urban planner, served as a mentor for the past year through  New Museum/ NEW INC incubator to The Black School: a startup and experimental art school that uses a radical black politics lens to transform students into agents of change. 

The Black School’s recent kickstarter raised more than $100k. Consider supporting the effort here.

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