The Real Reason You’re Not Getting Your Dream Executive Role

The Real Reason You're Not Getting Your Dream Executive Role

Years ago, I was in my therapist’s office.


We were talking about my bad dating experiences—I was going out with a lot of people but none of them were really that good of a fit.


“Well why don’t you write down the qualities you’re looking for in a partner?” she said.


And I just thought, ‘hell no.’


I don’t want to write it down. I don’t. No way. Don’t make me do that.


And when she, in her great therapist-ness, asked me why I didn’t want to write it down, the answer was clear.


I’m not someone who fits in a box. I’m super progressive and feminist, but I’m also really religious. The two don’t really fit together. But they are me.

In that moment I thought if I write down my desired qualities in a partner the truth is going to be staring at me from the page.

That there’s no one out there for me.

This is how resistance works.

We believe that what we want isn't possible. And so we don't let ourselves even fully want it.

We put ourselves in situations where we don’t have to face the cold hard truth that we can’t have what we want. Like dating the wrong people.

But in doing so we resign ourselves to not having what we want—not giving ourselves the chance to go after what we want and see what’s possible.

For me it was dating, but for you it might be that C-Suite role. It might be becoming a prominent leader in your field—speaking on stages and claiming your expertise effortlessly and authentically.

Spoiler alert: After this eye opening session in my therapist’s office, I created the list. I posted it on my wall along with a person-shaped outline (one of my manifesting tricks, but that’s another story.)

Within the year, I’d met my now husband.

It’s ok to have resistance.

But when we acknowledge what we want, we often see ways to get it we never could have otherwise.

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