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    The Lazy Leader Lab

    For the girls who get
    all the gold stars

    Work Less. Achieve More. Uncover Your True Genius.

    Hey, high-achieving woman.

    You’re overwhelmed, stressed and burned out.

    You think about work constantly. Your brain never shuts off.

    You’re distracted with your kids and they can tell. You don’t have time and energy for your friends outside of work. You’d like to date, but work leaves you feeling exhausted.

    You’ve teetered on the edge of burnout. Maybe you’re even there now.

    You flip between the fantasy of wanting to have a job that shuts down when you’re not there, but you know that it wouldn't satisfy you either.

    Your work is a huge part of your identity and what you want to do in the world.

    But you take on too many tasks and struggle to say no.

    You’re constantly getting pulled back into work that’s in the weeds, instead of the strategic, high-level work you love.

    You worry constantly about whether it’s all enough, if you’re good enough, and about keeping everyone happy.

    As high-achieving women, we think that the key to succeeding is to always try harder.

    We worked hard in school. We rose through the ranks quickly at work because we were curious, attentive, hard workers.


    We’ve been taught to do it all right. To be perfect. To always be one step ahead. To always be proving ourselves, especially in a male-dominated world.

    And that’s exhausting.

    It’s exhausting to always be perfect.

    To always be scanning for the next thing. To constantly worry about what everyone else thinks.


    As a high-achieving woman, you have been taught to overperfect, overcomplicate, and overplease people.


    And it cuts you off from enjoying all the nice things in life—hanging out with your kids. Laughing with friends over long dinners.


    And it’s cutting you off from fully owning your power at work.

    Because overworked women are reactive instead of creative, proactive, and visionary.

    Overworked women grind and grind instead of looking at the big picture.


    Overworked women turn down offers and opportunities—and all the things they don’t have time to even dream about—because they are furiously treading water.


    How much do we miss out on when we overprepare, overperfect, and overplease?

    But what if it could be different?

    What if there was a whole set of brilliant ideas, insights, and opportunities for impact and influence your brain was just waiting to supply you with… 

    …If only you weren’t so consumed with crossing off your to-do list and making everybody else happy?

    What if having an amazing life was actually essential to you achieving the most in your career in this one precious life?

    What if the secret to being bold and brilliant in your career was actually that you need to be a little lazier?

    When high-achieving women get lazier, here’s what happens.


    You show up and operate high-level—instead of sounding overprepared like an assistant.


    You extricate yourself from useless and inefficient meetings because you’re focused on real results.


    Other people step up and take responsibility for their work because you’re not micromanaging and people pleasing.


    You have more fun with high-level strategic work because you’re not trying to make it perfect, and it can immediately make an impact.

    Every time a woman half-asses something, an angel gets its wings

    (And it’s usually 10x what everyone else does anyway.)

    As a high-achieving woman, it turns out that your C- work is everyone else’s A+ work.

    And your A+ work often gets in the way.

    You make things complicated, not simple. You say yes to things that don’t move the needle. You get bogged down in meetings and distractions that just don’t make a difference.

    It sounds crazy to your perfectionist little brain, but as a lazy leader you’ll achieve more by doing less.

    But after a lifetime of striving and proving yourself, learning a new way to be isn’t easy.

    (In fact, I started writing this page as a perfectionist and then went back to being lazy.)

    It’s hard to face your fears and operate differently. It can be isolating to relate differently to overwork culture and to have more fun in your work.

    That’s why I created the Lazy Leader Lab.

    The Lazy Leader Lab

    Stop Overworking, Achieve Wild Success, and Love Life

    Inside the Lazy Leader Lab You'll Get:

    Six months access to: 

    Live Biweekly Teaching Calls

    We’ll meet every other week to give you laser-focused strategies and quick-to-implement practices to get out of the weeds, empower your team, set and maintain boundaries and more.


    Live Biweekly Group Coaching Sessions

    We’ll meet every other week for dynamic coaching calls focused on implementing time-freeing changes and evolving into the higher level version of you. This is your chance to get personalized guidance and coaching on your situation, and to get inspired by other women doing the same.


    Private Online Community
    Where you can get your questions answered, get spot-support and connect with the other bold and brilliant women on this journey with you.


    Trainings, Tools, Templates and Scripts
    That help you skip a step and immediately step into doing less so you can achieve more such as:

    → My 3-Step Confident Delegation Flow

    → The No-Pushback Formula for Women to Say No

    → My Executive Calendar Template for High-Level Strategic Thinking

    Here’s what we’ll do in the Lazy Leader Lab:

    notepad icon

    Stop Overproving, Overperfecting & Overpleasing

    • Identify the core limiting mindsets that are are keeping you overdoing it, overwhelmed and busy


    • Develop and practice your own personal 5-minute daily confidence practice so you can identify when you’re playing small, step up, and set and defend boundaries


    • Test out boldly doing less and achieving more in a safe and supportive community

    Easy Boundaries

    • Set boundaries—with yourself and others so you avoid time-wasting distractions and that keep you busy and reactive and overworking


    • Maintain your boundaries consistently and deal with the guilt that comes up when saying no


    • Effectively communicate your boundaries and gracefully deal with the pushback that women face when they say no
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    group icon

    Confident Delegation

    • Empower your team so you can work less, trust more, and feel confident that the work is getting done


    • Learn my 3-step process for delegating without tons of time spent training, prepping or going over ground you’ve covered again and again


    • Empower your staff to take responsibility for their work, work quality and proactive thinking, so you’re not left holding the bag

    Unblock Your Brain

    • Open up to your own genius and train your brain to produce massive breakthroughs so you can make an impact through your work


    • Solve thorny problems effortlessly because you trust your own expertise and have a process to create breakthroughs


    • Enlist your subconscious mind in achieving massive goals through synchronicity rather than massive effort
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    Strategic Self-Direction

    • Structure your time to be more strategic and visionary, and to get the most important game-changing work done


    • Focus on the work that actually achieves results rather than the busywork that takes up time and energy


    • Sidestep procrastination and fear that keeps you putting off or never getting your most impactful, immersive and creative work done

    Turn Off After Hours

    • Make time for life priorities outside of work like self-care, family, friends and hobbies


    • Shut off your brain so you can be energized and present for your life outside of work, instead of distracted and guilty


    • Open up to joy, presence and curiosity outside of work so work isn’t your only identity
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    The Lazy Leader Lab is built for busy women.

    This is not a class that will give you a whole bunch of homework and worksheets to fill out.

    It’s a coaching and action experience. It’s all about the reframes and swift strategies that change the game in your work and life.


    • Watch the work fall away when you realize what’s actually moving the needle

    • Step back from your role as the get-it-done-girl, and watch others step up and take responsibility

    • Change how you show up to the meeting, the client, the project, and watch them treat you differently because you’re showing up in your power

    Ready to be that brilliant, bold woman, and to let it be easy?

    Hi, I'm Maya...

    …and I’m your guide through The Lazy Leader Lab.

    I had success early in my career, but in it—I found myself selling, serving and collaborating with people more than two decades my senior. 

    And it plunged me into overworking, overthinking and overdoing it. I thought about work all the time. I put off exercise and self care. I wasn’t fully there for my partner or my child. I obsessed about my to do list, the problems to solve, what everyone thought of me.

    I knew I needed to build the confidence to succeed, so I began to build the tools that I use today in my coaching with myself as a guinea pig.

    And amazing things started happening…  I reduced my work hours. I reduced time in my inbox down to 20 minutes a week (!) I also got approached by companies like Friends of the High Line and Americans for the Arts for projects. I was named a 40 under 40 in my field.

    Today I teach women in leadership to lead more boldly, more easefully, and to be more fearless with their boundaries. I’ve worked with hundreds of women and my clients have done things like negotiate 4-day work weeks, and stop working late at night… while also opening new service lines, launching city-wide initiatives and landing 5-figure salary bumps.

    My passion is working with women who love work, but want work to feel more fun, more meaningful, and more easeful.


    This is not another program that will give you loads of work, clutter your mind and give you something else to fail at. 

    In the Lazy Leader Lab you’ll learn simple frameworks and new ways of thinking to do less, and achieve more as a result.

    We’re going to teach you discernment. We’re going to teach you to experiment with doing and being less… and to watch how much it opens up for you, and how much MORE it actually achieves.

    Sometimes your assignments won’t even be things you have to do—they’ll be things you DON’T do.

    If you’ve tried other courses or coaching before, and you felt like they were just another thing to do, and you want something that achieves results quickly, the Lab is for you.

    We meet weekly for one hour. In addition, you’ll have assignments in between our coaching calls, however many of them don’t require much time (it’s about living and working differently, not a bunch of homework to check off your list).

    The Lazy Leader Lab is for women leaders who love work but are feeling beaten down by overwork, overwhelm and in-the-weeds work. You know you have something to contribute at a higher level, and you want to free yourself up to be fully vibrant in work and life.

    Our calls are at 1pm ET on Tuesdays. 

    All calls will be recorded so if you miss a session, you can watch the recording. You can also get your questions answered in between the calls in our private community forum.

    The program is a six month journey.

    It’s the big irony—if you’re a high-achieving woman, you often don’t feel like one—because you’ve been conditioned to never feel enough.


    Here are some signs: You might have hit early success in your career, and now it feels like you’re bogged down in the slog. You think about work constantly. You often work late nights or early mornings or find yourself thinking about work when you’re trying to sleep. You have high standards—some might even call you a perfectionist. You find it hard to let go. Work is a huge part of your identity. You don’t want it to be your everything, but you’re not one of those people who can just phone it in.


    If even one of those signs resonates and you felt like, “That’s me!” then yes, this program is for you.

    Once your payment processes, you’ll receive a welcome email. The program kicks off Tuesday July 11th and you’ll get an email with invitations to our live calls, your bonuses, and information on accessing to our private coaching forum.

    There is nothing that creates bigger change in your life than a commitment on your part to changing for good—even if you don’t know if it’s possible.

    For that reason, there are no refunds for the Lazy Leader Lab. It is you fully choosing this journey that will create the change in your life.

    You don’t have to have perfect faith.  You don’t have to know you CAN change, and you’re allowed to have fear and missteps along the way. We’ll be here for you every step of the way.

    There is a ‘Wingwoman Discount’ for the program.


    If you take the program with a woman you know, you can each take $200 off. Simply enroll and once we get confirmation of your wingwoman’s enrollment, we’ll refund $200 off your program.

    First of all, I’m not a therapist. But therapy sessions are often open ended, where the client brings in what they want to work through, and the therapist supports them. You may have experienced therapy or even coaching that didn’t have a clear agenda or a linear flow.

    Your journey will not be linear, but we will be working through a step-by-step set of focuses specifically designed to get you to free up your time, be more present, and be more strategic and brilliant at work. We will use questions in our coaching. We will use them to get you to clarify your thinking and identify new options for moving forward more effectively and more lazily. 

    Yes. We will be focusing on how to get out of the weeds in your leadership, how to empower others, and delegate more.

    Got more questions? Wondering if the program is right for you? Message us using the orangey-yellow bot at the bottom right of this page. Or send an email to info [at] buildyourselfworkshop.com and we’ll chat.

    Tamara on saying no

    Hey my amazing, overworked woman.
    What got you here won't get you there.

    What opportunities are you turning down—that you’re not even seeing—because you’re furiously treading water?

    What moments will you miss in your kid’s life—what spontaneous connection will you not make— because you’re distracted by your to-do list and not fully there?

    What independently driven work that changes the game are you putting off because you’re putting out another fire?

    When you look ahead to months like this, years like this, what do you see?

    Making do? Putting off your health and your happiness to just get through this next deadline? Hoping that things will change? Overworking yourself, chasing the next carrot until you look up and realize this isn’t where you wanted to be?

    An easier, more spacious, more vibrant life is available to you now, but you have to be the one to choose it.

    And I’d love to be your guide along the way.

    Together we’ll build the courage to do things differently.

    Join us.