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3 Simple Secrets to
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The 3C Framework to Advancing Your Career with Creativity & Confidence

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✔️ The five minute task that can ensure you’re living your Plan A career – instead of just defaulting to Plan B

✔️ How to design your career trajectory – so that it integrates all the parts of you – and brings you the promotions, opportunities – and even impact – that you want

✔️ How to decode the “invisible rules of advancement” – and understand exactly what gaps exist between you and your goals – and how to fill them

✔️ How to develop clear milestone goals for your career that let you accomplish more – by doing less

✔️ 2 specific ways to integrate more creative and fulfilling projects and initiatives into your work

Meet Your Guide,
Mia "Maya" Scharphie

Hi, I’m Mia “Maya” Scharphie, I’m a career coach and strategist, and the founder of Build Yourself. I’ve trained national industry groups like Women in Innovation, and the American Institute of Architects, and I was named one of Impact Design Hub’s Social Impact Design 40 under 40.


I help women grow in their careers  – on their own terms. My clients have moved into senior leadership roles, launched new, innovative programs, and achieved $25,000 raises,


My passion is helping women move from just doing the work to setting the agenda in their careers – without sacrificing creativity and mental space.