Should You Stay or Go in Your Job? 5 Steps to Make a Decision

Should You Stay or Go in Your Job? 5 Steps to Make a Decision

Are you in a job where you don’t feel like you’re using your gifts? 

Maybe you’re doing fine. Everyone says so from the outside. You’re even excelling in your role.

But deep down inside you know you have more to offer.

But it doesn’t look like there’s growth opportunities in your role. And recruiters are starting to call and you’re not sure what to do.

I know a woman who was in this very place. She was acing her role – maxing out her compensation because she was winning in it, but she knew she had more to offer.

During this time she was approached by a recruiter. Now she had two options. Her job and this other one.

It feels good to feel chosen when a recruiter approaches you, but is it what you *really* want?

You might be thinking:

What if I end up at this new company and it’s exactly the same?

Should I stay or go?

Here’s the truth: You ALWAYS have *more* options. 

Because if recruiters are going after you it means you’re valuable…. And that means you might have a third (or even fourth!) option that is really what you want.

Here’s what to do so that you can be 100% sure that you are choosing the right next career move for you and determine whether you should stay or go.

1. Get clear on what you want more of and less of in your role.

If you know what you actually want and what using your gifts means specifically to you you’ll be in a more powerful position than just “being chosen”

2. Say “yes” to recruiter jobs that actually *align* with your ideal role.

You don’t have to say yes to what’s being offered. You can share what you want and make sure this role is actually a fit. Ask questions like, “What opportunities will this role have to practice X skill? What kind of decisions will I be making in this role?”

3. Reach out to your network to let them know the role you want.

According to HubSpot 85% of jobs are never posted and are filled through networking. When you’re clear on what you want, it’s easier for others to know what to send your way. Send emails to friends, schedule conversations. Post in forums to just see what’s out there. You’ll be surprised.

4. Start a conversation with your company about your next step.

Schedule a conversation with your leadership to talk about your next step. Bring your ideal role and have a brainstorming conversation about how that could be possible.

5. Get multiple offers for your next step and choose the best!

The reason to be talking to recruiters, your network and your boss is when you have multiple options for your next step, you’re in a stronger position. You can tell your boss, “I’d love to stay here but there’s a chance to level up in this other role. Is there a way we can make that happen here?” You’ll be in a position of strength and abundance.

The woman I mentioned ended up getting a new job (with an  almost $30k salary bump). She has more leadership responsibility – which naturally aligns with her gifts of working with people!

So whatever situation you’re finding yourself in, remember, it’s not about a simple “do I stay or go?”

It’s about expanding your options so you can get the perfect next step for you!

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