Who has been a ripple effect in your career?

I’ve been writing recently about the ultimate goal behind what I do: to get women’s workplaces and industries working for them–and to get women in roles they love that align with their highest potential, so that they can change the game for others.

I hope it’s inspired you to think about how you might lead differently than those who have lead you, and how speaking up to make better work-life balance for yourself has ripple effects that can transform others.

No matter what role we play in our workplaces and businesses, we can change the game.

We can make ripple effects–and we benefit from those who change the game too.

But being the one to push for change can be a lonely path.

So let’s say thank you.


I invite you to share this post with someone who had a ripple effect in your career. 


And feel free to share with me–who has been a ripple effect in your life?

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