My Mindset Trick for Achieving Big Goals

My Mindset Trick for Achieving Big Goals

For three years, I’ve had a daily phone reminder congratulating me on my future goal of owning a home—and just the other week, we finally closed on one!

This is one of my “woo-woo” goal-setting habits.

I set up a reminder of my goal—as if it has already happened.

I do this especially when I have limiting beliefs.

→ The real estate market is crazy.

→ We’ll never find a good fit community in this area.

→ How are we going to make this work with your commute?

Seeing this message every day helps me start to believe that what I want is possible.

It chips away at my limiting beliefs.

Seeing it every day in the present tense (as if I’ve already achieved it) helps me align myself with the person I need to be to achieve my goal.

But it’s also so incredibly amazing to see the reminder on a day like this—when we finally closed on our home!

Ready to shift your mindset away from the limiting beliefs holding you back from your highest potential and biggest goals—while making the time to free up mental space to be strategic and purposeful in your career?


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