Live with Mia: How to Start When You Are Putting Something Off

Ever put off something that scared you? (I mean who among us hasn’t?) Even your friendly neighborhood empowerment coach does from time to time.

Last week on Live with Mia , I shared a behind the scene look at my 20 minute strategy to get started on a big scary project that you’ve been putting off.

During the conversation, we looked behind the literal scenery as my strategy came straight out of my training as a designer.

In the short clip below I walk through how my 20 minute strategy, how I use it in everything from writing blogs, to submitting speaking proposals, and what our inner critic has to do with us delaying the process.

In this clip, I cover:
  • Being give the opportunity to make a big decision can lead to “fear of the blank page”.
  • Taking lessons from ‘Creative Paralysis’ and use it to my advantage on future problems.
  • How a simple strategy of brainstorming and editing can lead to the end product without actually sitting down to do it all at once.
  • What our ‘inner critic’ has to do with stalling out on that big project.

You can read more on this topic in my recent post here.

Are you ready to side-step your inner critc and finish those ‘scary projects’?

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