Live with Mia: Where’s My Map with Special Guest, Tamara Roy

Last week on Live with Mia, I interviewed a special guest, Tamara Roy, principal and architect at Stantec. We talked about how she crafted her “map” for a creative and meaningful career filled with growth, leadership potential and vibrant life outside of work (spoiler alert: it was more like a dynamic GPS than a map.)

During our conversation, we covered how there’s no ‘one map’ but how you can take specific strategies from Tamara’s journey to apply to your own (preview: Get mentors from outside your echo chamber, think in decades….)

A big thank you to Tamara for being so candid and graciously opening up about her journey.

Watch the full interview here:

You can read more on Tamara’s journey in her recent guest post here.

Are you ready to craft your own map for the creative and meaningful career you deserve ?

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