Often find yourself holding your thoughts, ideas and opinions back, because you don’t feel like an expert yet?

Last week on Live with Mia I took on the feeling of “I’m not an expert” and walked through how to be an expert before you feel like one.

During our conversation, we touched on the idea of ‘impostor syndrome,’ a classic feeling that keeps women from acting like experts and owning their value.

In the short clip below I walk through what impostor syndrome is and how it’s shown up for women—maybe even women like you.

In this clip, I cover:
  • Imposter Syndrome, the act of avoiding visibility and being afraid to own and express your growing expertise.
  • How your inner critic is often one of the root causes of feeling this way.
  • How Imposter Syndrome can lead you to ‘self-sabotage’ during those hot button moments in your life and career.

You can read more on this topic in my recent post on Medium here.

Do you want more on becoming an expert before you feel like one?

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