If Your Mindset is Limited, There’s Only So Far You Can Go

Last week I went live to talk about the most common limiting beliefs that I’ve seen from years of working with creative ambitious women. These are the patterns I see again and again holding back the women I work with.

I pulled just a short 2 minute clip out of that conversation to  show why taking on these beliefs is such a foundational first step to moving forward in your career or business. 

I cover:

  • Why no matter how many awesome tactics you have (Cover Letter MadLibs anyone?) if your mindset is limited, you will stop yourself before you even start
  • Why you shouldn’t wait to figure it all out
  • How to develop a ‘fake future’ (we do it in my Next Level coaching program via crafting a “North Star Vision”) to go “balls out” (ahem, ahem) towards in your career or business.

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