How to Use a 90-Day Plan to Achieve Career Goals More Easily

How to use a 90-day plan to achieve career goals more easily

Starting a new leadership role? Feeling lost in the weeds, and you’re getting stuff done… but you’re meandering and it’s not really the right stuff to focus on?

You need a 90-Day Plan.

A 90-Day Plan forces you to look at your job description and the company strategy and translate it into the results you plan to achieve.

It forces you to fully own your own high level strategic vision and translate it into reality.

We give my clients a template for creating their own 90-Day Plan, but the process is simple.

Here's how to use a 90-Day Plan to achieve career goals more easily.

Decide what you want to be celebrating at your performance review. ​

What results do you want to achieve? Let yourself be big and bold, but also specific—use numbers. How much do you want the organic traffic to grow by? What will your team members be doing this time next year that they’re not doing now?

Break each goal into a 90-Day milestone.

What result would you need to achieve to know you’d be on track for that goal? What would you need to see that would tell you you were on your way?

Don’t forget to add in key relationships to build. ​

In leadership, we achieve results through influence and leading others. We can’t get big results achieved without others. That means we need allies on our teams and across the organization to achieve results.

Even if your company has quarterly goals for you, it’s important that YOU create your 90-Day Plan. Why? Because it forces you to own those results, or sometimes even question them productively—because you see a better way to get to the ultimate outcome.

And it’s also an opportunity to think strategically about how to integrate the skills you love and the values you care about into your work.

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