How to multiply your impact as a leader by doing less work

How to multiply your impact as a leader by doing less work

In the world of leadership, influence is the currency of success. True leaders understand that their ability to inspire and motivate others is far more valuable than their capacity to simply get things done.

Yet, many high-achieving women struggle to relinquish control, fearing that delegating tasks will diminish their perceived value or authority.

However, effective leadership isn’t about doing everything yourself—it’s about empowering others to take action. This requires a shift in mindset from “I’ll just do it myself” to “How can I empower others to succeed?”

By embracing the power of influence, leaders can multiply their impact and achieve far greater results than they could ever accomplish alone.

When I coach my clients there is a whole influence toolkit I teach them that is so different than the “I’ll just do it myself” model they’ve been working with all this time.

Whether it’s building mutually supportive ally relationships at work with people in other departments, speaking more effectively to the business case, or empowering your team instead of micromanaging—learning to influence rather than do is like learning a new dialect.

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