And creating the creativity you want to experience.

This year, during the height of COVID I was living in the epicenter – in New Yok City.

All around the city at 7pm people would open their windows and break into applause to the essential workers who were coming off of there shifts.

I’d been thinking a lot about what I wanted more of – to use my creative skills collaboratively and in collaboration.

And it felt like it felt like the right time for me to use my creative skills to create a little more joy and connection – even in a bleak time.

So I whipped up a flyer advertising a “Virtual Dance Party” and posted it all over my building.

(I found out later that my building super took them all down besides the one on my floor – haha)

I created a playlist people could collaboratively add to and then hit play!

(I know at least one other person participated because I got some new songs on my playlist.)

It was an amazing and cathartic night – my mom and I dancing in my living room to oldies and Ke$ha – and some stuff I’d never heard of thanks to that neighbor.

You know the party don’t start ‘till I walk in (you know, to my living room.)

Virtual Dance Party Dress Code
Virtual Dance Party Dress Code 😉

And then when my birthday rolled around a few months later – I knew exactly what I wanted to do to celebrate. My partner organized another Virtual Dance Party that he DJ’d through Zoom – and all my friends showed up with a secret theme he had concocted: “Dress like Mia.”

It was hilarious, and such a gorgeous night.

Plus how else would I ever get to see my little neice and nephew dancing it up in their square, next to my college or work friends in the next?

Later in the year – My Virtual Dance Party Birthday – with costumes & DJ!

So I’d like to offer you a gift.

Well actually, two.

I’d like to offer you my “Virtual Dance Party” kit in case you’re looking to bring some energy and a different spirit to ringing in the new year in this strange moment.

You can access and download the Virtual Dance Party Kit here.

(and by the way, if you’re looking for a more chill evening, charades also translates quite well in a Zoom call ;-). I’ve tested it.)

But I’d also love to offer you the gift of asking yourself – what is it that you truly want in your life?

Is it more creative collaborations? More mental space? More time outside? Learning something with your kid? Taking a risk and finally putting that screenplay draft out there?

Whatever it is – can you give yourself permission to take the first quick step?

Taking the first quick step builds a momentum. It’s like a train you set into motion, and then hop on…. and it can take you places that are better than you coud have dreamed of.

I’ll see you on the train! (I’ll be the one wearing the sparkly pants.)

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Loving this Virtual Dance Party Kit by Mia Scharphie. Check it out here: bit.ly/VirtualDancePartyKit

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