How to find your next value-aligned executive role

How to find your next value-aligned executive role

I recently worked with a woman who was landing interviews for senior roles… and couldn’t move forward to the next step.

When we looked into her situation we found this subtle dynamic:

She wasn’t applying for roles at places that were really a values match for her.

As we grow more experienced as professionals, we grow into OUR unique way of doing things. For example—we like to collaborate. Or we like to make decisions based on data rather than just opinions.

Sometimes we have an idea of the kind of company we’re “supposed” to work in.

Sometimes it’s based on what our parents wanted for us, or what success looked like in school.

But when we pursue that image in our heads of how things “should” be rather than digging into the unique way we like to add value, we end up stuck.

Stuck not making it to the second interview—or even worse—landing the job in which we can’t thrive and use our gifts.

When I work with my clients, we uncover your unique “Career DNA” of what drives you, and what you need to look for in a role to thrive and add massive value.

Because when you’re clear on that, you soar—just like my client.

“All the sudden,” recruiters began to flood her inbox offering highly aligned roles.

If you’ve been feeling stuck finding your next value-aligned executive role, and you want to feel in flow, I can help with that!

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