How (and when) to ask the right questions in your next executive job interview

How (and when) to ask the right questions in your next executive job interview

I teach my clients to go out and get what they want in their careers.

I was recently coaching a client who’s interviewing for executive positions and we were talking about what questions to ask in a first interview at the very end when they ask you:

“So what questions do you have for me?”

(because you definitely need to have a question or two then.)

My client, bless her curious problem-solver soul, started diving into all kinds of questions. Things like, What is the culture really like? What’s it really like to work with X? Where is the company struggling most and looking to improve?

But imagine you went on a first date and your date asked you this:

-What are you like when you wake up in the morning?

-What’s been your most traumatic past relationship and how do you think the baggage will affect our relationship?

-How many kids do you want to have and how soon?


Ok, so now you get it.

It’s important that my clients end up in aligned cultures and roles. So I teach them how to create vetting questions that ACTUALLY filter for the things you want in a job.

But then babe, we keep them for the third date!

Because in the beginning of an interview process the balance of power is towards them. They are choosing and vetting you, and if you’re overly familiar or overly entitled, it doesn’t sit right.

But as you advance and they’re increasingly interested in you—and maybe even have given you an offer—that’s the time you start vetting them.

(And if you’re working with me, you often are entertaining another job offer and are deciding which is the best fit for you.)


You know what? Let me just show it. See below and you’ll get it immediately.

power balance in executive interviews graph

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