How Being a Yes Woman Is Driving You To Burnout

How Being a Yes Woman Is Driving You To Burnout

Overworked women: You think you can’t say no, but you can.

You think you can’t say no because…

💲In this economy you have to prove yourself

✔️And you boss is a demanding a**hole

🧹And your partner doesn’t do enough at home anyway…

But NOT ONLY can you actually say no…

But saying yes all the time is *creating* your overwork.


One of my clients only responds to customer emails a few times a day during work hours.

Her colleagues, on the other hand, are available around the clock and reply immediately to clients.

The funny thing?

Her clients are more satisfied than her colleagues’ clients.

Why? It’s about power dynamics. She has established respect as an expert. Her colleagues, always at their clients’ beck and call, come off as mere service providers.

When you set boundaries and say no, your perceived value increases.

What you accept affects what people expect of you.

Learn how to confidently say no to requests that don’t align with your priorities, and avoid overwork burnout. Click the image below to download my done-for-you scripts.

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