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Hey Wingwoman!

You want to have an awesome career—you want to use the skills you love, doing what you love.


You want your career or business on your own terms.


But it’s not always easy to keep your eye on the prize, to make sure that you’re not giving up your own power.

Somehow, the day-to-day just takes over.

And there are SO MANY questions.

  • Should I go after this potential role or that one?

  • Is building this skill a waste of my time?
  • Is this a good service for me to be focusing on?
  • How can I get my nights and evenings back?

Guess what, wingwoman?

You dont have to go it alone.

Imagine feeling supported and cheered on in making your career amazing.



You’re never stuck in indecision because you have a place to go to get your questions answered and figure out what’s right for you.



You are being bold,  saying yes to the right things—and passing on the “nos” without guilt. You’re cheering on others, and being cheered on by them as you get out of the day-to-day so you can be your best.


Build Yourself Group Q&A & Coaching

Get Your WingCrew of Wingwomen & My Support on Tap

In Build Yourself Q&A & Coaching Calls you’ll:


  • Get the support and accountability to pull out of the day-to-day and focus on your biggest dreams

  • Get whip-smart advice on your career situation so you know exactly how to move forward, instead of getting stuck in indecision or overcomplication

  • Get my advice on your situation so you can move forward smarter, not harder.

  • Get the support of other Build Yourself women cheering you on

Here’s What’s Included

2 Video Coaching Calls Per Month

Live video calls every two weeks to get out of the day-to-day and get advice and guidance. Calls include exercises to build your power and a chance to get advice on your situation.

Reflection & Goal Setting Tools

Reflection tools to help you take stock and pursue your goals (based on the very tools I use with my business wingwoman!).

A Private Community Forum for Support

Access to a private forum and smartphone app to stay connected with, and get advice, feedback and support from a community of other women!

Build Yourself Group Q&A & Coaching Calls are $240 per month.

Video Calls are held every other Thursday at 1pm ET / 10am PT.

Get the Support You Want

What happens in Build Yourself Q&A & Coaching Calls?

Part I: Reflections & Celebrations
We reflect on and celebrate progress. Because no one likes a perfectionist who never celebrates what went right. Well, except for your inner critic of course.


Part II: Coaching Exercise
We dive into a short coaching exercise. Past exercises have focused on how to be brief and concise (and sound more powerful as a result!) integrating more opportunities for creativity and collaboration into your day and reconnecting with old contacts. I curate the week’s exercise based on the women in the group!


Part III: Group Q&A & Coaching
We go through client-submitted questions and advice requests. Anything from “how do I get more equity with my partner on this issue” to “how do I navigate talking about this in an interview” goes!


Note: If we have a lot of client questions on any given day, we may cut out the coaching exercise so we can get straight to your questions!

Get the Support You Want

What kinds of questions can I ask in Build Yourself Q&A & Coaching Calls?

Get the Support You Want

Build Yourself Group Q&A & Coaching Calls is perfect for you if:

  • You want the support and accountability to pull out of the day-to-day and focus on.

  • your biggest dreamsYou want targeted advice on your situation—from me and a collective of women—on tap.

  • You want help getting out of the weeds and a consistent schedule of meetings to keep you motivated.

  • You want to feel part of a bigger group of women cheering you on who you can learn from and who you can cheer on as well.

Get the Support You Want

What Happens When I Enroll?

Step 1:

You complete your payment to enroll.

Step 2:

You’ll instantly have access to our private community forum which has resources, discussion, and call in information for our calls.

Step 3:

You can introduce yourself, download the reflection sheets, and we’ll see you at our next call!


Q: When are the calls?

Biweekly Thursdays at 1pm ET / 10am PT. If you can’t make a specific call, you can still submit a question and we will record it.


Q: What’s the investment?

This program is $240 per month. This gives you access to two coaching calls a month where you can get your questions answered, a private community forum, and my reflection process.


Q. What happens if I can’t make a session?

If you submit a question but can’t make it to the call, we’ll record your answer so you can watch it at your leisure. And if anything comes up between sessions—that’s what the private community forum is for!


Q. Will I get the support I need in a group program?

I designed Build Yourself Q&A & Coaching Calls to be the best of both worlds—I’ll walk you through a coaching exercise in each call that will help you on one specific issue I see women face over and over—like overcomplicating things or not asking for more. Then we have time for client-submitted questions and advice and coaching by me.


This is why I only offer this program to people I’ve worked with before: When I coach you or answer your questions, I respond based on what I know of you and what drives you.


If you need a deeper dive from me on complex issues like mapping out your business objectives or creating your career trajectory, I’d recommend working with me through my One-on-One Alumnae Coaching.

Shhh….. This offer is only available to Build Yourself past clients!

A creative, powerful life and career will continually call us to grow and develop new ways of meeting the opportunities and creative challenges that face us.


I love working with past clients and helping you continually find your own personal next level of impact, growth and alignment.

Let’s get you the support you want to take your career to the next level of fulfillment and impact.

Get the Support You Want

Drop us a line. We’re here to help.

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