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Attract, Retain and Grow their Female Talent

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It has never been more important for your company to have women in leadership... and in the pipeline.

Clients are increasingly demanding diversity on your project and leadership teams. Potential talent is scoping out your company and looking for evidence that your company is a place that diverse talent can grow.


It’s essential to have women in leadership, a pipeline of women leaders, and to make sure women believe your company is a place they can grow.

Did you know that...

  • Companies in the top 25% (for gender diversity on their executive teams) are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability than companies in the bottom 25%


  • Design firms that frequently win awards for sustainability have 15% more women in leadership than the industry as a whole
    American Institute of Architects


  • Women and people of color in architecture are less likely to be firm leaders at every level of experience
    Equity by Design


  • Women in architecture and planning are more likely than men to want to leave their companies because they don’t feel valued by their managers
    Build Yourself


You can differentiate yourself in the market for talent with an effective and leveraged strategy for attracting, retaining and growing your female talent.

But it's tough to build your pipeline and win the war for talent.

But it’s tough to build the pipeline and win the war for talent—while your leaders are busy putting out fires.


Perhaps you’ve promoted women into senior leadership roles and found that they weren’t quite ready. Or promotion season rolls around and you see the same kinds of faces again and again.


You want strategies that grow and align your women with your company’s priorities. 

You want your company to unequivocally say, "you belong here."

Build Yourself offers executive coaching, corporate trainings and advisory services to help your women grow and achieve business results.

We’ve helped companies increase their promotion rate of women by 3x and increase word-of-mouth referrals of their company to other women by 30%.


We’ve coached rising women to step up into higher levels of business results-based leadership and increase personal confidence and strategic acumen.


We work with companies to tailor engagements to your attraction and retention needs.

Meet the Founder

Maya Sharfi is a career and executive coach and the founder of Build Yourself. She helps companies grow and promote their rising women leaders through coaching, training, and consulting.


Companies Maya has worked with have seen a 3x increase in the rate of women promoted and an increase in women more likely to recommend their companies to other women. They’ve seen more women owning and leading initiatives and setting boundaries that make projects more effective and grow junior staff.


Maya has trained national industry groups, like Women in Innovation and the American Institute of Architects, and works with leadership and staff at global design and innovation companies such as Stantec, Gensler, and HOK. She’s a former Harvard Innovation Lab resident, ran a research effort on women in social impact design for the Harvard Business School, and was named as one of Impact Design Hub’s Social Impact Design 40 under 40. She’s a graduate of Brown University and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.