Fulfilling Career Growth

On Your Own Terms

You’ve been feeling it for a while: That “itch.”

You’ve paid your dues in your career or even made it, but you know you’re capable of more. 


You’re existing but not satisfied. You’re finding yourself at an inflection point. You sense there’s more out there for you, but you’re not sure exactly what.

Now, it doesn't mean that life is easy.

In fact, you feel up to your eyeballs in overwork and overwhelm. You want more but you’re worried that adding anything else to your plate might be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

But you’re watching others find their next thing. They’re getting opportunities or promotions and you’re thinking, “What’s my thing?” It seems like there’s no room for advancement, no one to champion your next step, or no clear path to grow without giving up what you love.

You feel like there’s more you could do to reach your potential, but you’re not quite sure what that looks like (yet).
You wonder, "Is there something more?"

You want to use your skills and talents to do work that matters and feels fulfilling.

But maybe you no longer feel challenged by your job. You just want to get in and get out at the end of the day, and you find yourself not sharing things about your job or projects because you’re no longer excited or inspired.


You’re feeling invisible, like you’re not being heard, appreciated, and valued for your gifts.

You’re not sure what your next step in a career that fills you up looks like,

but you are not satisfied with what you are doing anymore.

But you don't exactly know how to move forward.

(And the questions are eternally looping in your brain.)

 → Should I just be satisfied with what I have?

 → I don’t know what my goals are. How do I decide what to work for?

 → How do I know that’s “the right” path?

 → Will I have to take a pay cut to find something more fulfilling? Can I do that?

Imagine having fulfillment, flexibility, and freedom in your career.

You look forward to work because it’s personally and and financially fulfilling.

 You’re feeling engaged and excited to go to work every day.

You have more flexibility, more autonomy, more serving your purpose.

 You didn’t have to give up what you love to “have it all.” Because you actively chose what “all” means to you.

All you need is the guidance, support, and proven strategies to get to the next level of your career on your own terms

The Creative Career Intensive

A Four-Month Career Coaching & Acceleration Journey

Creative Career Intensive Program

How it Works



We build the confidence to go after what you want. We identify and give you practical skills to move past any limiting beliefs or mindsets that are holding you back. This way, we make sure you’re truly going after what you truly want (instead of defaulting to what you think you can have).


Career Clarity

We’ll develop a clear plan for what you truly want in the next stage of your career (and untangle it from what others want for you). We use the design thinking process to develop a clear vision for your career—whether its new goals, a title, or even a career pivot—and then translate it into a step-by-step plan you can take action on.


Action Support

We support you as you take bold action. Whether it’s becoming a thought leader in your field, pitching a new initiative, or pivoting careers, we’ll support you through the inevitable ups and downs, being bold, and making your career the one you love.

What's in the Program?

It’s not easy to change your life and ask for more in your career. After working with hundreds of clients, I know what parts of this process are challenging, where you’ll face uncertainty or resistance, and where you’ll need that extra support. 


I’ve built this coaching journey so I can help you at every step of the way with:

One-on-One Guidance Calls​

At key points in the program you’ll have One-on-One coaching calls to discuss aspects of your personal journey in the program. These including aspects of your program such as your mindset practices, potential options for your next career stage and aspects of your career plan. You’ll also have access to an unlimited number of action-driven calls to assess action, results and transformation, and get clarity on next steps.

Biweekly Group Office Hour & Coaching Calls

You’ll have biweekly office hours in which you’ll get expert coach answers on your individual questions, and we’ll dive into coaching exercises to help move you forward. In these sessions you’ll also be able to connect with other like-minded motivated and creative women who are moving their career forward on their own terms.

Expert Review of Your Materials

Sending out your CV and want an extra set of eyes on it? Want to feel confident about your proposal for a new role, or your informational interview script before you launch into it? In our program you’ll have opportunities weekly to get feedback and suggestions on your work so you can feel confident putting it out there.

Private Community Forum

In the program we have a private community forum you’ll have access to, accessible by smartphone app, so you can access the program resources, community, cheerleading, and get your questions answered on the go.

Our Complete Program—Customized for You

Upon joining the program you’ll schedule your first one-on-one call in which we’ll discuss your unique pathway through the program, including goals for your first 30 days of the program, and goals for your four months within the program. Throughout your four months in the program, you’ll draw on the powerful system of trainings, resources and templates within the program,

What will you achieve in the program?

The results that come from this are widely varied—they’re as unique as you are. But opportunities just magically seem to show up when you get clear on what you want. 

Here's just a few things women have achieved:
Rebecca Michaelson

“Growing my career used to feel ambiguous and confusing, but now I know there are always small, practical actions I can take regularly to thrive.”



“[Your coaching] helped me plan and actively be more visible in my industry… I actually just sent a proposal out this week for some new work I pulled in!”


Taylor Davis

The program helped me to identify that as an expertise I wanted to build, but find my own spin on it… It has opened up all sorts of new avenues for revenue and research and ways to be creative that I didn’t have before.”


By the end of your time in The Creative Career Intensive

You’ll know exactly what you want in the next stage of your career

And you’ll have the support to make it happen. Whether it’s creating your own opportunities at work, a job search, or a career pivot.

Hi I’m Maya Sharfi

I’m a career coach, a women’s empowerment facilitator (and a designer too).


And I don’t think ambition is a dirty word.

But I think we each need to define our ambition—what it is we want to create with our work and our precious energy and time on earth.

I spent a lot of years feeling uncertain. I knew I wanted more, but I couldn't figure out exactly what that meant for me. I was overly busy and my inner critic was always there in the background.

But finally, I decided that I had to be the one to decide what I wanted in my career. So I took my training in design thinking and applied it to the design of my career path.


Once I did, amazing things happened! I worked with amazing clients like Friends of the High Line and Americans for the Arts. I was named one of Impact Design Hub’s Social Impact Design 40 under 40.

I’ve since worked with hundreds of women and have helped them grow in their careers—on their own terms. They’ve moved into senior leadership roles, launched new, innovative programs, and achieved $25,000 raises. 

My passion is helping women untangle the overlapping threads to make sense of their work and build the careers they love.

The Creative Career Intensive is perfect for you if...

  • You have passed the pay your dues phase of your career,  or have hit a plateau—and now you’re thinking,  “What next?”
  • You are not satisfied to just have a job you don’t care about. You want purpose and fulfillment and creativity within your job.
  • You’re willing to push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone by supersizing your goals or doing things when you don’t have it 100% figured out.
  • You worry that you’re too complex to find your pathway.

The Creative Career Intensive is
not for you if....

  • You’re still in the first few years of your career.
  • You aren’t looking for deeper purpose, fulfillment, or creative growth from your career. 
  • You aren’t willing to take small calculated risks with your career or to do things when you don’t feel 100% prepared.
  • You know exactly what you want in the next stage of your career and don’t need a larger strategy.
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial

You've paid your dues.
It's time to step into your next level.

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