Are you ready for more

confidence, creativity and clarity in the next stage of your career?

The Creative Career Blueprint is an online program that helps women get clarity on what they want in the next stage of their career, the confidence to  go after it, and more creativity in their day to day.


All without overworking and overcomplicating it all.


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    If you want a more fulfilling career on your own terms.....

    •  If you want to grow in your career – but you’re not sure what possibilities are out there… (and aren’t sure you really like the models of growth you see)
    •  If you want to spend more time on the work that fulfills you… (but don’t want to sacrifice growth and stability) 
    •  If you’re watching others step up and get opportunities or promotions… (and you’re wondering, ‘what’s my path?’)
    The Creative Career Blueprint is for you.
    Creative Career Blueprint, Build yourself workshop

    This Creative Career Blueprint is a step-by-step program that will help you build the confidence to go after what you want in your career, get clear on what you want in the next stage of your career, and make your day-to-day career more creative and fulfilling.


    In the program will help you:

    🗸 Have the confidence to take bold action

    🗸 Have a plan for the next stage of your career (with the next 3 milestones) – and you’ll know HOW to get there

    🗸 Create opportunities for more creativity and impact in your job

    🗸 Get more recognition for what you do

    🗸 Advocate for your value, and position yourself for raises and opportunities

      You don't

      Have to give up what you love to grow.

      Drop in your email below and I’ll send you a special link to save $200 off the price of enrollment

        Hi, I'm Mia.

        Hi, I’m Mia “Maya” Scharphie, I’m a career coach and strategist, and the founder of Build Yourself. I’ve trained national industry groups like Women in Innovation, and the American Institute of Architects, and I was named one of Impact Design Hub’s Social Impact Design 40 under 40.


        I help women grow in their careers  – on their own terms. My clients have moved into senior leadership roleslaunched new, innovative programs, and achieved $25,000 raises,


        My passion is helping women move from just doing the work to setting the agenda in their careers – without sacrificing creativity and mental space.