Hey there, creative motivated professional woman...

Do you want to transform your career into one you are in love with?

The Creative Career Blueprint

will give you clarity and confidence in your career pathway and vision.

The Creative Career Blueprint is for women who want to be changemakers in their careers, and creative women who want to bring more creativity and intention into their work. In the Creative Career Blueprint you’ll achieve career growth on your own terms.


The Creative Career Blueprint program is a 6-month online program that will help you step into your life’s work by showing you to integrate what drives you into an ambitious and balanced approach to your career. By the end of the program you’ll be able to say, “I crafted my career into the perfect career for me.”

Seeking one-on-one support?

In my one-on-one coaching program, we’ll build your coaching journey together. This might include mindset coaching, stepping into your thought leadership or navigating a career transition.


My specialty is mid-career coaching, and helping leaders who are seeking their next growth edge define their next stage of impact, expertise and visibility.

Seeking corporate training and workshops?

I provide professional development trainings and leadership trainings including virtual corporate trainings to companies looking to support women. 


I also partner with a limited number of companies to provide executive coaching and programs that accelerate the growth of women into leadership. 

Are you a past client

looking for more support?

We have a number of past client-only options for ongoing support, online coaching and mid career coaching.

To learn more – you’ll need an alumnae-only password to access these offerings. If you’re a past client, email the team for the special code.