I’m excited to share with you some confidence hacks from real women who have put Build Yourself suggestions into practice, or created their own. Today’s hack comes from Kelsey who was struggling with anxiety at networking events and put a Build Yourself ‘hack’ into play–she pretends that she’s a host of the events she goes to, and approaches people with that mindset in place. From the outside–it just looks like she’s a friendly and confident person.

“I’m happy to report I’ve had several opportunities to practice the “hosting” strategy! I discovered that this approach got me to introduce myself sooner, like as I’m sitting down at a table, or upon first eye-contact – before letting an “awkward silent moment” set in or waiting to be approached. Going into an event with a question has also proven to be really helpful, and letting myself off the hook when I’ve reach my limit for a particular event. Plus, the more I go to things and plug in, the more I recognize friendly faces, from local ULI events to the AIA National Conference.


Kelsey’s hack is paying off in increased exposure and a stronger network. Can you use Kelsey’s strategy tonight? What’s yours?

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