Confidence Coaching
for Women in Leadership

Be bolder in your work and more
fearless with your boundaries

Does any of this sound familiar?

→ You’re constantly overthinking your decisions and wondering if you’re good enough.


→ You’re uncomfortable making tough decisions and you worry about what other people think


→ You don’t know if your team or your fellow leadership respects your authority


→ You worry you don’t have enough executive presence or don’t look enough like a leader


→ You worry that you’re a bad leader. You wonder when everyone will find out that you’re really not good enough.

If you’ve ever felt this way, know that you are not alone.

Fully thriving in your leadership role can be tough. It’s especially tough for women—who are raised to perfectionists, and who get oh-so-many messages that they are less than—in a world with few female role models in leadership.

But it can be different.

You can lead with boldness, confidence and ease.

And when you make that switch, everything changes.

→ You make decisions with confidence and move swiftly onto the next thing


→ You know how to bring others along with you—but you know that it’s ok if they disagree with you or even are displeased with you


→ You own the room when you’re speaking—but in a way that is 100% you


→ You’re doing the work you were put here to do—and it feels easy and fun and alive


→ And if you’re a parent, you ditch the working mother anxiety and the guilt that comes with it

What is Confidence Coaching?

Confidence coaching is a type of coaching that helps you build deeper self confidence and resiliency so you can handle the ups and downs of leadership with more assurance.

Confidence coaching can help you feel more assured in high-stress situations, help you perform better in high-stakes presentations, set boundaries with less guilt, and lead others with more assurance.

When your mind is clear from self doubt you may find yourself with more creative ideas to implement, with better relationships with those you manage and collaborate with, and with more passion for your work.

How Does Confidence Coaching Work?

The first step of confidence coaching is understanding what beliefs are at the root of your feelings of self doubt. For women in particular, you have experienced decades of subtle messages on how women should act that may be undermining your self confidence as a leader. 

Then we’ll help you develop and practice strategies to build more confidence generally, and in key situations that are unique to you—such as in high pressure meetings, in disagreements with colleagues, or when setting boundaries between work and life.

As a coach, I’ll share with you proven strategies—but I’ll also the right questions that unlock your unique strengths. When we show up 100% as ourselves rather than trying to fit in someone else’s mode, that’s when we feel true confidence.

Hi, I'm Maya...

…and I’m your confidence coach.

I had early success in my career, but in it—I found myself selling, serving and collaborating with people more than two decades my senior. 

I’d always been a shy kid, but this rocked my confidence. I felt too young, too inexperienced, not smart enough and not good enough. I knew I needed to build the confidence to succeed, so I began to build the tools that I use today in my coaching… with myself as a guinea pig.

And amazing things started happening! I got approached by companies like Friends of the High Line and Americans for the Arts for projects. I was tapped to become a grant reviewer for the National Endowment of the Arts. I was named a 40 under 40 in my field.

Today I teach women in leadership to lead more boldly, more easefully, and to be more fearless with their boundaries. I’ve worked with hundreds of women and my clients have done things like open new service lines, get tapped for executive director roles, and negotiate 4-day work weeks. My passion is working with women who love work, but want work to feel more fun, more meaningful, and more easeful.

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