Confidence Coaching for Women in Leadership: Empowering You to Be Your Bold, Bright and Best Self

Confidence Coaching for Women in Leadership: Empowering You to Be Your Bold, Bright and Best Self

As a woman in leadership, you may face unique challenges that your male colleagues just don’t. These experiences can shake your confidence and leave you feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, and even like a fraud. Second guessing can get in your head and keep you from confidently presenting and communicating, leading your team powerfully, and making decisions swiftly and with assurance.

Not only does that feel terrible, but it keeps you from being the most effective leader you can be!

The Importance of Confidence Coaching in Leadership for Women

Now I know you don’t need me to tell you this, but confidence is a crucial component of effective leadership. When you give off a sense of belief in yourself, you inspire trust and buy in from your staff, your colleagues and your customers and parters. Without confidence, you may waffle over decisions, struggle to develop bold ideas and have trouble holding authority.

Confidence also sustains you. A lack of confidence also keeps you overworking and overpromising because you want to prove your value which can lead you down the path of burnout and health issues. Confidence coaching can help you reclaim your power so that you become more powerful at work—and work becomes a source a joy and satisfaction again for you.

What is Confidence Coaching?

Confidence coaching is a subset of coaching that focuses on building self-confidence, self-reliance and resiliency. It helps you identify where low confidence is impacting your work, understand the root causes of your feelings of self-doubt, and to develop and practice strategies to be more confident and bold. Your coach will help you develop clarity, share insights and strategies that can help, and ultimately provide you with the support to become confident in your own way.

How Does Confidence Coaching Work?

Confidence coaching can help women in leadership overcome their self doubt by:

Identifying and addressing old patterns and limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are long-held beliefs that come from society, our cultural backgrounds, our experiences and even our childhoods that hold us back. They often show up in unintentional ways, and sometimes we’re not even aware of them. A confidence coach can help you identify which beliefs no longer serve you, and can help you unhook from them.

Taking confident action

You can’t learn to swim by staying on the side of the pool. A confidence coach will support you in taking confident actions that build new beliefs. Your coach will help you get to the edge of your comfort zone and test your limits. This could be with saying no, or pitching a big idea without overthinking. Over time, with repeated actions, acting confidently will seem like second nature to you.

Developing comfort with the ups and downs of leadership

Leaders dive into thorny situations and lead people through to improvement and growth. You may have gotten to leadership because you were an A-plus shining star who got everything right, but to stay in leadership and build a bold, brilliant and impactful career, you’ll need to build comfort when things don’t go as planned, and the resilience to keep going.

Setting boundaries with confidence

As an executive woman, your mind is your golden goose, and your time and attention are your biggest assets. Developing the confidence to say no to the asks and opportunities of your time that don’t align—without guilt or shame—will keep you in your highest place of impact.

Developing and communicating your big bold ideas

To be bold and visionary in your work, you need to trust your brain to ideate and generate new ideas and the way forward. Then developing, communicating with and engaging others brings your and others’ ideas into reality. Confidence coaching can help you develop communication skills that allow you to assert yourself, communicate your ideas clearly, and build strong relationships with team members and stakeholders.

What to Look for in a Confidence Coach

If you’re considering working with a confidence coach, here are a few factors to keep in mind as you select someone to coach you.

Past experience and client results:

Look for a coach who has worked with women like you. Have they helped clients achieve similar results? Are you excited by what they help their clients do?

Fit and Alignment:

You’ll want to choose someone who really gets your context and has helped others in similar situations. Sure, there are confidence coaches that help with your golf swing or help you feel sexy when you go out to that party. You’ll want to choose a coach that is familiar with the challenges women in leadership face, and who can guide you in the situations that bring up self-doubt for you such as an investor pitch meeting or an employee that snubs your authority.

Clear Communication:

Check to make sure that your coach really understands your goals and is aligned on them. Do they ask you questions to make sure they really understand what you are trying to achieve?

Values and Chemistry:

No two people are alike, and no two coaches are alike… and that’s why there are lots of people, and lots of coaches, in the world! Pick someone who speaks to you, who you feel energized by, who you feel excited to work with.


While many coaches have great strategies, what you want is to be a more confident you. So make sure that your coach doesn’t just tell you what to do—they empower you to decide, achieve and hold power. No one can make change for you in your life and work, they can only support you and give you direction in doing it for yourself. Chose someone who gets this and you’ll get resilient, long-lasting change from your encounter with a confidence coach.

Confidence coaching can be a gamechanger for women in leadership who want to stop being harrowed by self-doubt, lead more boldly, and set more boundaries between life and work. By working with a coach, you can creat new, more empowering beliefs, and soar into your potential as a bold, visionary leader who has time for ideas, impact, and life outside of work.

Building confidence to show up as your authentic self in life and at work is something I help my clients achieve.


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