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Amanda S.

How This Architect Gained Work-Life Balance While Shifting From Task Doer to Team Leader: Amanda's Story

Amanda sought guidance from Maya after being promoted to a leadership role at work. Now, Amanda—a mom of two toddlers—is a confident leader with healthy boundaries and work-life balance. Learn how Amanda achieved a 40-hour work week while taking on more responsibility at work and protecting her time to practice healthy habits.

How This Manager in Tech Learned How to Feel Fulfilled in her Career: Elliya's Story

Elliya was feeling discontent and disconnected at work, but she couldn’t figure out exactly what was making her feel that way. Through coaching, Elliya was able to find community in group coaching and discover what fulfills her at work. Plus, she landed a new job with a $30k salary bump.


How This City Strategist Became an Ambitious and Confident Leader at Work: Irene’s Story

Through coaching, Irene took back creative control over her career and built a career plan that allowed her to be an ambitious, strategic-thinking, and confident leader.

How This Senior UX Designer Pivoted From Consultancy to In-House Work for a Top Tech Company: Joy’s Story

After 15 years at the same company, Joy realized she needed to make a career change in order to continue growing. She used Maya’s job search framework to land a senior role at a top tech company. 

Sarai Williams

How This Designer Pivoted Careers & Left Burnout and Perfectionism Behind: Sarai’s Story

Working with Maya, Sarai learned how to use informational interviews to land her fulfilling social impact job that aligns with her core values.

From Feeling Unvalued at Work to Confidently Negotiating a Job Offer: Louise’s Story

Louise’s social impact organization eliminated her position leaving her to question the value of her work. Through coaching, she pushed past her inner critic and successfully negotiated a director-level position with a significant pay increase. 


From Burned Out Leader to Owning Her Promotion With Confidence: Michelle's Story

When Michelle, a newly promoted executive leader, came to us, she struggled to balance work and life and keep up with all the hats she wore. Working together, we helped Michelle develop new time management strategies (and the confidence!) to excel in her new role.

Discovering Her Ideal Career Pathway and Creating Her Dream Role: Cindy's Story

After over 20 years in the design field, Cindy was at a crossroads in her career. She wanted to advance to the next role, but wasn’t sure the path she was on was the best fit. Through working with me, Cindy identified a clear pathway for her career and even created her own dream role at her current company.

Cindy K
Stephanie Zurek

How This Architect Started Working Less and Earning More: Stephanie's Story

Stephanie learned through coaching that when you get clear on what you want, it is possible to earn more money without having to work longer hours, take on more responsibilities, or raise your stress levels.

Becoming a Confident Expert in Her Business: Taylor’s Story

With coaching, Taylor Plosser Davis identified an expertise for her business that helped her grow into more aligned and bigger budget projects. All while feeling more confident and less anxious in her role as a business owner.

Client Taylor Davis
Bianca 8 women

Eight Clients Doing Amazing Things

Meet eight of my past clients doing amazing things in their career – launching studios, creating their own positions, creating new classes and creating impact.

A Great Job in Half the Time: Naome's Story

Despite losing her job during COVID, Naome was able to land a position with a step up in salary, organization, leadership – and that aligned with her values.


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“This program helped me to figure out what I do need to be doing and –  what I DON’T need to be doing.”



After leaving an organization I helped to build, I needed help with figuring out what direction to take my career. I was able not only to negotiate for and secure a position directing community engagement efforts with a prominent organization – but I was also able to identify numerous opportunities to share my story and expertise with a larger audience.



“[The program] helped me plan and actively be more visible in my industry… I actually just sent a proposal out this week for some new work I pulled in!”



“The script that I got started on during the program has been a quarter finalist in two screenwriting competitions. I’ve also  been accepted as a new member at Bromfield Gallery in South Boston! The program gave me a structure for pursuing both parts of my artistic sides – and getting traction. So lots of movement despite the pandemic! “



“Although I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but I was happily amazed to find that I turned to many of the tools and habits I’d learned during my program to push me through these last several precarious months in the pandemic – and am happy to report that I’m co-teaching my first course at Penn on bridging student’s research/activist agendas with professional practice.”



“I have so many interests that don’t seem to have anything in common. I also find that I say yes to too many things, and end up spreading myself too thin. I’ve learned to find ways to combine my interests in an impactful way where I no longer have to compartmentalize my different passions.”