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Step #1: Watch this video:

Take note of your answers to the following questions:

Q1: Which of the 5 steps discussed in this video do you think will be most helpful to your career and why?

Q2: Which of the client case studies did you most resonate with & why?

(These could be from the video and/or from the client case studies below)


These answers are important because they will allow us to focus our conversation on serving you and getting you the career results you want.

Step #2: Complete the Application

Ready to get results like these?

Check out how our clients have transformed after working with us. 

"Even though I may be working on more projects, my energy is more focused on a specific range of topics that I feel so much more qualified and confident to be addressing... I also netted that nearly $25k raise!"
Jess Blanch
"Happy to report that I'm co-teaching my first course at Penn on bridging student's research/activist agendas with professional practice."
Sarai Williams
"I know that the visibility helped boost our chances of landing the project, and also helped build the case for my recent promotion. It also gave me tools to build a professional network form zero in just a few months."
barbara nazarewicz
Barbara Nazarewicz
"I landed that senior executive role, but in doing it I grew my resilience and was able to be selective and say,
'No, I'm going to design the life I want.'"
Gavin Andrews
Gavin Andrews
“I was able to get a job honestly, in record time. It’s a step up in salary, organization and management level, and I’ll be doing what I care about.”
Naome Jeanty
"I’m creating the job I love inside my job and making sure that I’m doing things that I really value at work.”
Carrie Niemy
“This past year has been really difficult family-wise and your support and structure was the extra help I needed to put myself first and make moves to make my life better. Thank you.”
Lauren Keene
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
"I was able not only to negotiate for and secure a position directing community engagement efforts with a prominent organization - but I was also able to identify numerous opportunities to share my story and expertise with a larger audience.”
Preeti Sodhi
“Mia’s program forced me to pick a direction for my career, get out of my comfort zone, and just go for it....
Her program systematically and creatively allows you to become whoever you wish to be, and lays out a roadmap to get there!”
Sreoshy Banerjea
Sreoshy Banerjea
The biggest result was that within six months I landed my new job, and I doubled my salary. Doubled it. I mean, money shouldn't make you feel valuable, but it absolutely does make me feel valuable to know that I was worth my new company’s hard investment."
kait ziskin levesque
Kait Ziskin Levesque
""My work with Mia allowed me to chart a path for myself and write my own job description for a leadership position. I feel so fulfilled knowing that I charted my course and I’m in a role that is perfectly aligned with my own expectations for my career."
Kristin Kelsey
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial

I look forward to helping you advance to the right role for you, where you are valued and fulfilled as a leader.


Apply Now to the Creative Career Intensive

Step #1: Complete the Application