Why It’s Great Being an Owner in Your Design Career

why it's great being an owner

Why It’s Great Being an Owner in Your Design Company We don’t talk about money very often openly in our society, and we don’t talk about what it’s like to be an owner in a company.   And one of the things we really don’t talk about?    How much more money you can make […]

What to do When Your Architecture or Design Career is Unfulfilling

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How to Get More Creative Work, Social Impact Design, and Purpose in Your Job We spend the majority of our waking hours on work, and so we want to feel like our work makes a difference. If your architecture or design job doesn’t provide you with a sense of purpose or accomplishment, you might have […]

How to Achieve Your Goals — Without Losing Your Creative Soul

Ever feel like you’re never getting enough done? Or can get things done — but at the expense of your creativity? I was that kid in the soccer league who failed at defending the goal because I was off in the field distracted by picking flowers. I was always getting lost in my own world, […]

How to Host a Virtual Dance Party

And creating the creativity you want to experience. This year, during the height of COVID I was living in the epicenter – in New Yok City. All around the city at 7pm people would open their windows and break into applause to the essential workers who were coming off of there shifts. I’d been thinking […]

4 Big Myths About Career Growth That Are Totally Holding You Back

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I hear a lot of things from women who are feeling stuck in their careers – and I wanted to take a moment to clear up a few of the biggest myths and misconceptions that I see about growing in your creative career: 1 | You can only be successful in your career if you […]

Hold on to Your North Star

Hold on to Your North Star

Many of my coaching clients who have identified their North Star have been saying things like, “I think I still have PTSD from the last recession…” or, “I’ve been through a recession before but…” And this moment feels the same but is also different. We still don’t know what’s going to happen. There are unknown […]

How to Win in Your Next Performance Reviews or Negotiation

My recent interview with Bolanle Williams-Olley In my recent interview with Bolanle Williams-Olley, Chief Financial Officer of architecture firm Mancini Duffy, we discussed how to make sure we tell the story of our impact—and our financial impact—in order to build better arguments for our worth, and for the opportunities we want. If you’re about to […]

Looking for Your Mid-Career Mentors?

Looking for Your Mid-Career Mentors?

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There I speak to many women who are feeling adrift in their career. They’re not sure if they’re in the right place, they are feeling lost in their career or business. And many of them have something in common. “I don’t have a mentor,” they tell me.“I used […]

What I Learned from a Three Week Creative Sabbatical from My Business

What I Learned from a Three Week Creative Sabbatical from My Business

Last month I did something I’d never done before in my business. I took a three week sabbatical. To paint. I’d been running my business for about five years and I could feel something coming on — I couldn’t quite tell if it was burnout or something akin…. For me, running a business is kind of like […]