Be A Better Boss [Than The One You Had]

A few weeks ago, a very important function in my website broke down when my assistant updated it. It was a critical component and we discovered it at a critical time. It wasn’t a good situation. We shored it up as best we could in the short term but I knew we needed to have […]

Holding the Door Open Behind You

Tamara Roy

For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about how to build yourself+ through building others. I’ve been pushing against the conventional wisdom that for us women, moving forward in your professional path means pushing past others to get there.

Pay It Forward and Build The Culture

I got an email the other day from a coaching student that showed me I was making an impact. She forwarded an email that she had sent that week to a consultant she was working with. I think it’s a model for all of us.

Make Like the Merrill Lynch Ladies and Build Your Circle

Make Like the Merrill Lynch Ladies and Build Your Circle Raise your hand if you like self-important people? The “humble” brag? Now raise your hand if you like talking about or claiming your accomplishments? Are you more likely to deflect your kudos with an ‘Aww, it wasn’t me,’ or a redirecting shrug? The fact remains that recognition […]