Why You Need to Become an Executive Before You Have the Title

become an executive

Why You Need to Become an Executive Before you Have the Title You want more seniority. More salary. You want to be perceived as a leader. But you’re stalling out. You’re doing all the “right things” but it’s not leading anywhere. You want to be valued for the unique, varied background you have… but you […]

How To Ask For A Promotion The Brave (and Actually Effective) Way

why you shouldn't write a promotion request letter

How to Ask for a Promotion the brave (and actually effective) Way So you feel like it’s time for you to move up in your company and you’re wondering how to ask for a promotion. Maybe you’ve seen other people get promoted over you and you feel like it’s your time. Maybe you feel like […]

How to Feel More Fulfilled in Your Leadership Role

how to feel more fulfilled in your leadership role

How to Feel More Fulfilled in Your Leadership Role You were probably a shining star early in your career. Not only did you get your work done (on time and well), but you were proactive and curious. You asked good questions. You anticipated things and looked at the bigger picture. And you got a lot […]

Pay It Forward and Build The Culture

I got an email the other day from a coaching student that showed me I was making an impact. She forwarded an email that she had sent that week to a consultant she was working with. I think it’s a model for all of us.

Make Like the Merrill Lynch Ladies and Build Your Circle

Make Like the Merrill Lynch Ladies and Build Your Circle Raise your hand if you like self-important people? The “humble” brag? Now raise your hand if you like talking about or claiming your accomplishments? Are you more likely to deflect your kudos with an ‘Aww, it wasn’t me,’ or a redirecting shrug? The fact remains that recognition […]

Sitting at the Table. Sometimes Literally.

“Sit at the table.” I heard Sheryl Sandberg’s words echo in my head as I glided into the chilly conference room. I had been invited as an afterthought. I was the first (and only) research fellow of a university architecture department, in a position the dean had created for me to pursue my research. Few people knew who […]

What Got You Here Wont Get You There. Leadership, and Following the Numbers

I recently watched one of those TED talks that helps you see the structural underpinnings that were always there, but invisible to you. Titled, The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get, it features Susan Colantuono, who founded Leading Women, a consultancy that helps companies close the gender gap.