How to Have More Meaningful and Effective Virtual Meetings

How to Have More Meaningful and Effective Virtual Meetings

You’re working from home and you’re dreading it. In addition to the general cabin fever that sets in, and the challenges of focus, so many virtual meetings and online collaborations are just so…. ….blah. You know what I mean — you’ve been there. On that lame Skype for Business conference call — you’re watching a […]

Ten Ways to Connect Meaningfully When We’re Forced to be Apart

Ten Ways to Connect Meaningfully When We’re Forced to be Apart

It’s a weird moment. Due to coronavirus, many of us are working from home, may be watching kids, and are facing a major transition in what the day-to-day looks like, facing fears for ourselves and loved ones, and a lot of uncertainty. Yet, while we may be physically separate, we don’t need to be emotionally […]

You Don’t Find Your Voice, You Use It.

You Don’t Find Your Voice, You Use It.

Have you ever been presented with a new corporate mission statement and thought–’that’s just a bunch of corporate speak.’?  Amidst at ton of celebration, you thought ‘wow, you spent 3 months coming up with some abstract words?’, yet you can’t “find your voice” to share your thoughts? If so, keep reading! When I work with […]

Be A Better Boss [Than The One You Had]

A few weeks ago, a very important function in my website broke down when my assistant updated it. It was a critical component and we discovered it at a critical time. It wasn’t a good situation. We shored it up as best we could in the short term but I knew we needed to have […]

Is Your Analysis Paralysis Holding You Back? Growth Hack #3

I’m writing this week about some of the ways I see women get lost in the crowd and slow down their career growth. How many times have you seen a woman raise her hand timidly in a meeting… and then make a suggestion in that baby girl voice.. trailing off at the end into a […]

Are You Too Exhausted to “Lean In?” Growth Hack #2

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard the advice—lean in, lean in! But do you ever think, that’s just so much flipping work….? hughhhhh (exhausted sigh.) Maybe you’re a working mom, working the ‘double shift…’ no, wait, it’s probably more like the triple shift—working a long day, coming home to take care of your family, and then logging […]

Are You Getting Lost in the Crowd at Work?

Feeling like your career growth has stalled out?  Are you getting lost in the crowd? Stuck in the mid-career malaise, the sea of shiny faces at the bottom of the pyramid? We all know the feeling of waiting to be picked….  And sometimes our careers feel that way—whether it’s hoping we’ll get put on the […]

How to Talk Pretty…AND Powerful

Welcome to my book report!  Today we’re talking about techniques to communicate powerfully and get what you want. Think of these book reports as cliff notes to best books on a topic–I read them and pull out the most useful information for you, so you can apply it to your own life. And if you’re […]

Are You a People Pleaser and What’s it Costing You?

Does it ever take you the better part of an hour to send off an email that should have taken you five minutes, as you agonize over every layer of meaning? Do you ever find yourself dwelling on a conversation you had with someone earlier in the day, going over every nuance of the interaction? […]

Holding the Door Open Behind You

For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about how to build yourself+ through building others. I’ve been pushing against the conventional wisdom that for us women, moving forward in your professional path means pushing past others to get there.