What to do When Your Architecture or Design Career is Unfulfilling

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How to Get More Creative Work, Social Impact Design, and Purpose in Your Job We spend the majority of our waking hours on work, and so we want to feel like our work makes a difference. If your architecture or design job doesn’t provide you with a sense of purpose or accomplishment, you might have […]

How to Achieve Your Goals — Without Losing Your Creative Soul

Ever feel like you’re never getting enough done? Or can get things done — but at the expense of your creativity? I was that kid in the soccer league who failed at defending the goal because I was off in the field distracted by picking flowers. I was always getting lost in my own world, […]

From Anxious Business Owner to a Confident Expert in Her Business: Taylor’s Story

Watch our interview below Listen to our interview below Like many small firm owners, Taylor Plosser Davis, the principal of TPD Architect, was “worried about everything”—every last dollar and project.  She was overwhelmed and was missing out on family activities like dinner and spending time with her husband and kids. Taylor had a “huge question […]

4 Big Myths About Career Growth That Are Totally Holding You Back

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I hear a lot of things from women who are feeling stuck in their careers – and I wanted to take a moment to clear up a few of the biggest myths and misconceptions that I see about growing in your creative career: 1 | You can only be successful in your career if you […]

How to Get a Promotion as a Designer (Even If You’ve Been Passed Over Before)

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Ever seen someone get a promotion and wonder, “How’d they get that?”  The path to advancement in design and the creative fields can be very mysterious and behind-the-scenes so it’s not always easy to figure out how to get chosen. If you’ve been eyeing a specific title change or promotion and haven’t known how to […]

3 Build Yourself Women Experiencing Career Growth During the COVID-19 Crisis

3 Build Yourself Women Experiencing Career Growth During the COVID-19 Crisis

Are you feeling stressed about everything right now? If you’re like many of my clients—on top of everything: this election, the wildfires, the climate crisis—you’re also facing a general constant anxiety about the economy. Maybe you’ve been laid off, or your pay was reduced. Even if you haven’t been laid off, you might be worrying […]

Why You Need a Career Plan as a Designer

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You would never think about winging it when it comes to your design projects. You’ve got a project schedule, a budget, hey, maybe even a Gantt chart for that! But when it comes to having a plan to guide our careers, we creative problem solvers often just hope that the path will emerge, or someone […]

8 Women in Design Doing Great Things

8 Women in Design Doing Great Things

If you’re familiar with Build Yourself, you know that we’re a community of women in design careers looking to unleash our potential to excel in our careers. So today I want to let you in on what the great women of Build Yourself are doing. I want to introduce you to a few women in […]