Build Yourself with Mia: Take Back Your Time

Last week I went live to talk about how to tell if your own personal brand of ‘crazy busy’ is of your own making, and my top strategies to take back your time without feeling like (or being called) a five letter word.

I pulled just a short 5 minute clip out of that conversation that shares some of the biggest ways women give away their power by giving away their time, through not setting boundaries, and letting other people take their time and focus.

I cover:

  • How to prioritize your calendar, writing it down, and sticking to the plan
  • How to tell if you are coddling others and to go from “project mom” to “project manager”
  • What it means to do “inner work” and to push past “inner resistance” to find clarity when making decisions.

You can read more on this topic in my recent post on Medium here.

Do you want more on how to take back your time?

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