One-on-One Coaching

Your Coach & Strategist on Speed Dial.

You’ve got big dreams.

And I helped you find them, make them bigger and make them real.


You figured out a way to answer to your inner calling, meet your potential. Get past those limiting beliefs. You worked on becoming a better version of yourself and doing it through quick action. Of figuring out a a structured way of doing more. Of doing what matters.

You get off to a good start—but it doesn’t always stick. You lose motivation and get stuck!

You miss my ability to quickly cut through the noise, the complexity, the inner critic slowing you down, and to figure out a structured way of doing more. Of becoming a better version of yourself —and doing it quickly.


You want me back in your corner, want me as a strategist, doing what I do best —untangling all the pieces and laying them out into a simple, highly leveraged step-by-step process.

Here’s What’s Included

One Monthly 50-Minute Video Call with Mia

A monthly deep dive for crafting strategy, deep dives and brainstorms and developing your approach or plan.

Voicemail Support In Between Sessions

Spot support for issues as they arise, ongoing accountability, personal challenges and ‘power habits.’

Downloadable Templates and Tools

That help you skip a step and get started faster like Cover Letter Mad Libs, templates and action plans.

Alumnae One-on-One Coaching is $929 per month, paid monthly with an initial three-month commitment.

Get the Support You Want

Alumnae One-on-One Coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You want to get more strategic in your business or career and want a thought partner who will help you get out of the weeds and take action on the things that matter.

  • You want to sort through the entangled, interrelated ideas you’ve had and figure out which to prioritize–and how to pursue them without overcomplicating things

  • You want structure and support to build the relationships that will move your career or business forward, but need a more strategic approach so you don’t waste your time.

  • You want to be able to launch that side project and get to your first sale so it can start supporting YOU–without getting bogged down in all the complexity.

  • Sometimes you *just* want someone else to cut through all the complexity, and just tell you what to do to get started…..

Before Alumnae-One-on-One-coaching


  • You suspect there are opportunities to leverage your current job, to do the work you truly want to do, but you just don’t know where to start.

  • You know you need to proactively network with your ‘dream clients’ or your Next Level network, but you just can’t seem to get started.

  • You’re burned out handling too much at work, and at home, and just can’t seem to get enough time to think about what you want.

  • You’ve had a few ideas (forever!) for a passion project, or side hustle but they’re just thatideas. You’re not getting any real traction.

After One-on-One Alumnae Coaching:


  • You’ve selected 1-2 strategic projects to focus on in your work that will build the reputation and expertise you want.

  • Your dream projects and opportunities are emerging from your network. because you’ve got a ‘set-and-forget-it’ habit to connect with the right people for you.

  • You’re feeling creative and in flow because you’ve gotten clear on what matters, and set boundaries at work and at home.

  • You’ve launched and grown your side hustle through rapid experimentation, and getting out there, rather than being stuck in perfectionism.

Get the Support You Want

“Thanks Mia! I really appreciate all your support through this process. It’s amazing what happens when you bravely focus on what you want.”

What Happens When I Enroll?

Step 1:

You complete your payment to enroll.

Step 2:

After enrolling, a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule your coaching sessions and get you set up on the voicemail app.

Step 3:

Before our first session even begins you can voicemail me about what you want to focus on—and begin getting my support. And I can’t wait to see you in session!


Q: Do I have to know exactly what I want to work on with you?

Nope! There’s a process I guide my clients through to sift through the priorities and nascent ideas to figure out what is going to move you forward the most. But if you have a specific issue you would like support on and want to run it past me before enrolling—hit reply and I’ll let you know what I think.

Q: What’s included in Alumnae One-on-One Coaching?

Every month you’ll get a 50-minute video call with me! Our strategy work in sessions might include preparing for a negotiation with a work partner, planning out a side hustle strategy and launch, or getting a clear priorities list.

You’ll get access to a voicemail app so you can get support on issues via voicemail support in between sessions. You’ll also get any of my downloadable tools and templates, like my template action plan, networking scripts and templates, or decision-making matrix.

Q: What can I get done working with you?

We can work on one or two issues consistently, or work on whatever you prefer to in each session. Depending on your situation, we can work more on mindset issues or on strategy planning. A typical session might include a little mindset work and one strategic priority such as mapping out your plan for an initiative, or mocking up your pitch deck and giving you a strategy to finish it.

Q: When are your coaching times?

I coach on Mondays and Tuesdays. After you enroll, my team will reach out to schedule your sessions. 

Q: What’s the investment?

Alumnae One-on-One coaching is $929 per month and includes a live strategy session and on-call voicemail support in between sessions, as well as templates and tools.

Q: What’s the commitment?

Alumnae One-on-One Coaching is a three-month initial commitment, after which it becomes a month-to-month service. After the initial three months, notify us if you want to pause or stop your program.

Get the Support You Want