Want more Confidence, Creativity and Clarity in your Career Path?

Career Coaching, Career Planning, Transition and Executive Coaching for Women
Learn my exact method for achieving more fulfilling career growth on your own terms.

Are you ready to craft the creative, confident career you want - on your own terms?

  • Whether you want more flexibility, creativity, or serving your purpose at work
  • Or you’re looking to grow into a more senior role – without giving up what you love 
  • Or want to untangle all your interests and find a clear direction for how to move forward
  • Or want to make a career transition – without having to start over again…
You want a career that is aligned with your life’s work and that integrates all your parts. And you’re ready to stop figuring it all out and move on to making it happen.

What Clients are Saying

I’m Maya.

I’m a professional career coach who specializes in creative women.


I’m a trained women’s empowerment facilitator and a Harvard-educated designer – and bring all these threads together into a unique blend of executive career coaching and training that helps women in design and creative fields plan their careers, navigate career transitions, and grow into higher levels of impact, influence, and fulfillment.


My specialty is working with mid-career women at an inflection point in their careers who want to find more impact and fulfillment but worry that they’re not ready, or fear they’ll have to give up what they love to grow.


I’ve helped my clients achieve things like:


  • Defining, pitching, and getting new leadership roles at their company


  • Launching new mission-driven, bottom-line-boosting initiatives that position them for raises and growth


  • Earning $25k (and upwards!) raises by moving into the next level of leadership and autonomy


  • Setting boundaries with clients and coworkers to achieve more – with less burnout and hustle

I’m passionate about helping women like you build a career that integrates all your gifts and allows you to reach your potential.

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