Leadership Coaching for Ambitious Women

Lead More Boldly, Fearlessly and Work Less Hard Doing It

You’re a high-achieving woman.

You’re smart. You work hard.


You’ve paid your dues in your career, you’ve “made it,” but you know you’re capable of more. 

But you secretly wonder sometimes, “is this it?"

Because you’re busy and overwhelmed. 

You can’t see the forest for the trees—or maybe you could if it wasn’t blocked by your never ending to-do list.


You never feel good enough.

You replay your actions daily—was that good enough? Did I sound smart? Did they take me seriously? And you’re tired of renting space in your brain to insecurity and self-doubt.


You want to do career-making work.

But you’re secretly worried that you’re just average. Sometimes you wonder—is there something else out there? Or is it me? Is there something in me that just can’t be satisfied?

Here’s the truth.

You’ve done it all right… maybe too right.

Because along the way to the top we learn to be the perfect girls who get it all done.

You strive and strive to keep all the balls in the air and always stay a step ahead.

But it comes at a cost.

When you're busy being a "good girl," there's too much mental clutter to create something truly amazing in your career.

When you give up doing it “the right way” so much more is possible.

  • It means leading to your strengths—instead of trying to be everything to everyone.
  • It means overpreparing and overcomplicating less—and trusting your accumulated wisdom and expertise.
  • It means moving past impostor syndrome and people pleasing—to do your best work.


It means showing up as your authentic self.

It’s not easy to do this work but the rewards are oh, so big.

Like creating your own promotion so you can focus on the work that lights you up.

Or owning the vision for your team and truly leading something that excites you.

Or fully owning your time and extracting yourself from soul-killing time wasters at work.

Or becoming a recognized leader in your field and leading the charge.

What Clients are Saying

Mia Scharphie

I’m Maya.

I’m a (recovering, it’s a process,) perfectionist, and (reforming) good girl. I’m also an executive and leadership coach who works with high-achieving women who want more impact and more ease and flow. I took the leap to follow my unique strengths and left consulting to launch my feminist coaching company.

Since then, I’ve helped clients launch major urban initiatives, land $25k and even $40k salary bumps, and have helped companies from 1,500 to over 20,000 people grow their women.

My passion is helping women reclaim their power from overwhelm and busyness to fully show up in their careers.

I help high-achieving women achieve more by doing less through overcoming perfectionism and trusting their innate creativity.

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