what people are saying about the build yourself+ workshop

“The workshop has made me really think about what I want from my life and
how to go about achieving it. “

“I’m not as afraid to hear the word “no” – if I hear it, I realize it is not an end-all and that there is always room to find a way to yes, maybe, or acknowledge that it may be time to explore other options.”

“A major strength of the workshop was supportive environment that I felt immediately when walking into the room. Another strength was the challenge model that allowed us to constructively tackle a series of issues over the course of the workshop. I found that helpful and encouraging.”

“I really appreciate the art of the small yet
powerful personal challenge.”

“Mia facilitated discussion really well, I liked how she structured the workshop. The length was perfect, and she moved quickly from discussion to presentation or whatever else she had planned. The best part about the workshop was the weekly assignments. I really got a lot out of making goals and having someone to keep me in check. “

“The workshop has changed the way I think about how I put myself out there and the consequences (or nonconsequences) of putting myself out there. It’s really made me question assumptions that I have about myself and how I interact with the world in a positive way.”

“The small size really lends itself to intimate conversation with personal struggles and challenges we experience specifically as students and aspiring career designers and change-makers. Also, the variety of activities always keeps it interesting, and the brief lectures were very succinct and informative.”

“This course was a kind and refreshing
reminder that self-improvement can be challenging but doesn’t have to be a grueling horrible act!”