Want guidance in stepping into your power?
Working through self-doubt?
Feeling stalled out and want strategies and accountability in planning your growth or dreaming big?

I work with women individually to develop the skills and mindsets that help them reach the success and growth they want to achieve. Through an intensive one-on-one format, women I work with make deep change and actively build new attitudes, patterns and practices.




“This coaching series was more than helpful. I uncovered some key items like my big crusher, revealed some bad habits and strategies, and learned great tools, project planning exercises, how to ask for feedback and about “not breaking the chain.”

I now have a strong sense of some of my key sabotaging behavior, and I am looking for projects and work where I can succeed as a “front-end” person.

Mia, was excellent at sussing out my weaknesses and areas for improvement. She’s deeply insightful, and excellent at communicating with candor, yet sensitivity.”


Six-Week Coaching Packages

Through a three phase process, I work with women to identify and address a specific set of issues that are holding them back, envision and co-create a new narrative and set of habits, and actively practice new skills and practices. Coaching packages are tailored to each woman based on her specific needs but common packages include:

+ Filling the confidence gap
+ Professional growth and leadership development
+ Addressing perfectionism
+ Confident communication
+ Asking, negotiation and self-advocacy
+ Identifying and providing value

What’s Included

+Six 50 minute one-on-one phone sessions with Mia Scharphie over six weeks
+Weekly take-home exercises and personal challenges
+Accountability and check-ins to develop new skills, habits and practice
+A roundup of key findings, frameworks and strategies to help you keep up the momentum at the end of our time together


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