It’s that time of year again, and you’re thinking about what’s next for you….

You’re creative and dynamic, and have so many passions…
But life and work is busy… and you worry that your many interests, or lack of a clear career vision is holding you back from the success, clarity and peace of mind you want.


I know you.

You’re creative and are thirsty for learning, experiencing and creating. You’re interested. You’re always finding new things that excite you.

Your friends and colleagues think you’re incredibly creative, but they don’t really know what to do with you. No one really knows how to describe you.

Or maybe you’re deep in the day-to-day of mundane work, balancing work with life and feeling spread thin.  And you feel like you’re losing the connection to what drove you…. you want more of your passion to drive your career, but you wonder whether it’s really possible.

You can have more.

You can have more growth AND more success. We are surrounded with narratives that tell us that success means giving up creative growth, but those narratives are false.

It takes some life design strategies, and some strategic decisions, but you can build a body of work that is cohesive AND dynamic.

Most of all it means getting bold and confident in who you are, and ditching ideas about not being ‘disciplined’ enough to be successful, or too busy to grow.


Waking up and going to work you’re excited about. Feeling that rush that tells you you’re learning and growing every day.

You’re feeling confident and whole, not mentally fragmented, and split in pieces. There’s no whiplash from jumping from thing to thing, feeling like you’re always starting from scratch.  You know where you want to go when opportunities come your way, when someone asks you what your five year plan is. You feel cohesive and whole, and know that you’re working on the efforts that push what you care about forward, and that you’ll look back and feel proud of your body of work.

You want more creativity, more growth and a more powerful career.

Double Vision, the Build Yourself winter 2018 Accelerator program, will give you career direction that integrates your multiple parts, and gets you to the next level.

Build Yourself Accelerator
Winter 2017

Double Vision

online training program & community

January 16 – March 15

The Build Yourself Accelerator is a ten week program for your professional growth. Through live online trainings, assignments and community, it will uplevel your skills in the key areas women need to succeed in their careers. Ever feel you’re going it alone? The accelerator will give you clear direction, accountability and community to pursue an ambitious and creative career, on your own terms.

“Mia seemed to “get” me right away. She understood that my strength is passion and creativity over ‘traditional’ business and helped me form a plan for how to grow myself and increase visibility that feels more right for me. I spoke to my supervisor about what I had learned from Mia and she said her initial thought was ‘that’s not right, that’s not how our business works’ but after she thought about it more she realized that it was totally right and seemed like a much better path for both me, and for our team as a whole.
I enjoyed being in this virtual room with inspiring and interesting women. So much inspiration, empowerment and also the impetus to start my personal blog back up.”

-Nina Max Daly
Accelerator 2017 Participant

Hi, I’m Mia Scharphie. I’m a creative business owner, and a trained women’s empowerment facilitator.

I actually live a double life myself–I run Build Yourself, and a design consultancy focused on social change. And in the last year I taught myself abstract acrylic painting and herbalism, while investing in my community, my family and my spiritual growth.

Is it always easy? No, but I’m living the life that I want on my own terms, building a body of work I am proud of, and a network of clients and collaborators that I feel honored to be a part of. And I’ve learned that doing this mean investing in regular reflection on where I’m at… and then committing to taking action.

I founded Build Yourself in 2013, and since, have helped hundreds of  women break through the obstacles to their career growth. My unique and effective approach to building up women has been featured in Fast Company, Young Architects Connection and the Impact Design Hub.

Thanks for all the great material, support, and general kick-in-the-ass of your ass-kicking leadership.”

-Workshop Participant

I’m your cheerleader and the gal that helps you get it done. And I will teach you what you need to know to get to the next level–but also teach you the skills, and give you the community to do it for yourself again and again and again.

National Endowment for the Arts

Worry that you’re just not the kind of person who can do fewer things better?

Feel like it would mean ‘settling’ or ‘settling down?’

Strategic focus does matter, but it’s not the same thing as just settling down. An approach that makes room for your curious side — that sees it as an asset — will help you thrive, because you’ll be building a career that keeps you continually interested.

But let me tell you, there’s no formula.

There is no magic pill or button that will figure it all out for you.

But there is a process you can go through to find that approach that makes sense for you.

A few years ago, here’s what I had on my plate:

  • a freelance design company
  • a research collaborative
  • a startup
  • an empowerment bootcamp for women
  • a speaker series
  • a pop-up dinner club

Oh yeah, and I was teaching myself how to illustrate plants and helping start a coworking space.


Today I’m running two successful businesses and have more peace, joy and growth.

What I learned along the way is that while there’s no formula, there are some key ingredients.

  • You need a focus strategy. A focus strategy tells you what you want to achieve next (next, not forever!)  and what your top priority is now. It cuts out the work of constantly asking yourself what to do next. It also tells you how to balance work and goals and personal goals and commitments, and even when they intersect.
  • You need to leave room for your creativity. Growing and learning is who you are and what drives you. If you try to cut it out,  you’ll only be unhappy, or it will sneak back in on its own terms and take you off your course. You need to leave room for it.
  • You need to claim and own your multi-passionate nature. Many of us feel bad about having lots of interests, or that something is wrong with us… and those feelings keep us stuck in the cloud of guilt and ‘shoulds,’ worrying that others will think we’re flaky if we get clearheaded enough to evolve and choose what’s right for us.
  • You need a community. It can be isolating to figure all this out your all on your lonesome… and many creatives I know love collaboration. Connecting with others can give you the confidence and vision to choose your own path. 

You will evolve and change. The ‘recipe’ will change, but the ingredients won’t.

And once you’ve learned how to do this for yourself once, you can apply it again and again and again.

-Bianca Koenig

What’s Included

This is not just another course you don’t have time for.

It is is ten weeks of biweekly live online trainings, tailored pithy assignments, and community interaction. It will give you clarity on how to make sense of and talk about your multiple interests, what you want to commit to investing your time in (for now) and how to organize your investments of time strategically to reach your goals.

We begin with a kickoff training that will help you understand how you want to frame your body of work, and you’ll get to connect with other women doing the same. Then, through 4 more live trainings, we will take you step by step through figuring out what to focus on, optimizing your time, being more strategic and creative about what you want to pursue, and setting some goals and action steps for yourself.


Live Online Trainings


This is not your typical online course. We have live online trainings every other week, Tuesdays at 1:30pm EST. And rather than just learn things that will feel smart in the moment, but you’ll put on the ‘someday maybe’ shelf, Mia helps you apply them to your life right now through the personal challenge model. 

Can’t make a talk? All trainings will be recorded and available for you to view later. 

Making Sense & Finding Focus
You’ll learn how to claim your multipassionate side, and you’ll find your ‘throughlines’ which will help you make sense of your body of work, and describe it more cohesively and confidently.

Evolving & Choosing
You’ll evaluate your commitments and projects–both current ones and the half-executed ones you dream up daily. We’ll look at your personal commitments and how they intersect with you professional life. You’ll identify what you truly want and need to pursue, identify when guilt and obligation is holding yourself back and give yourself permission to evolve. 

Optimizing Your Time
You’ll learn strategies for organizing your pursuits and responsiblities in time so you can feel less fragmented and less exhausted.

Strategic Creativity

You’ll learn how to add a creative lens to your existing responsibilities, identify opportunities to do more with less through finding synergies among your efforts, and how to make the investments of your time go farther in helping you reach your goals.

Setting Goals & Moving Forward
You’ll pull everything you learned together into a strategy and action steps you can commit to that brings more creative growth and success–whatever that means to you–into your life.

Goodbye confusion and overwhelm.

Hello clarity and confidence.  





Short and pithy worksheets will help you apply what you learn to your life right now. Through assignments, you’ll be guided from step to step of identifying your throughlines, choosing what to focus on (and learning how  to choose,)optimizing your time, making strategic investments of your time, and creating a plan for moving forward.

Worried about spending mounds of time on homework? We challenge ourselves to make these worksheets as short as possible while still getting you from step to step.

Community Forum


Got questions? Want accountability and feedback as you go through the worksheets? The community forum is your home online to connect with other ambitious, creative women on this journey with you. Get your questions answered by Mia and others. Want to share progress on an assignment? Want advice on a tricky conversation? Want to share a milestone or get feedback on what’s next? This private community is there for you and will keep you moving forward.

Women in Build Yourself forums have found each other jobs, reviewed each others’ portfolios and written each others’ bios. Your creative crew is here.

This is where ambitious women get the community, continuity and accountability they need to be bolder, better and brighter. These are the ladies who keep you from playing small.



Accountability Partner


Are you one of those people who has her a-ha moments in conversation and collaboration? You’ll have the option to be paired up with another woman in the workshop to go over assignments, and get an outside opinion on your thoughts. Get another pair of eyes on your journey and invested in you. Develop a relationship that could be lifelong.

Don’t go it alone.

“I learned that many other women experience the same emotions and doubts in the workplace and I learned strategies for overcoming these feelings. Challenging yourself is the only way to grow.”

-Workshop Participant

Small Group Coaching Add-On


Want individualized attention as you go through the course? Want expert guidance on your unique situation? In this small group coaching experience, a limited number of women will work directly with Mia as they go through the course through live. Want to be part of a small group of women deeply invested in each other’s progress?

We’ll have live interactive video calls on Tuesdays at 1:30pm EST, on the weeks in-between live trainings. You’ll chat face-to-face with Mia and each other. Talk about your unique situation, ask questions about your worksheets and get live coached on your unique situation. This small group coaching will help you get everything you can out of the Accelerator, and is offered at $450 off the usual price.




In addition to live trainings, you’ll get to hear from real women with real stories of balancing multiple passions and projects—and achieving success on their own terms.


Emily Thompson
Cofounder, Being Boss
Founder of Indie Shopography and co-host Being Boss, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, Emily went from running a tanning salon, to designing jewelry, to designing websites, to cofounding a wildly successful podcast. Emily will tell her story of having the courage to evolve and grow in her interests and activities.


Tamara Roy
Principal, Stantec
An architecture principal at Stantec, and voted one of Boston’s Top 50 Power Women in Real Estate, Tamara is an architect, and a leading voice on compact living, nickamed the ‘mother of the micro-unit.’ Tamara will tell her story of following her passions strategically to build your career power and recognition.



Caroline Kelso Zook
Founder, Made Vibrant
Caroline is an artist, designer, and guide who helps creative entrepreneurs become their best, most vibrant selves through Made Vibrant classes, products and resources.  Caroline will talk about how she chooses what to invest in and pursue, and what she’s learned from helping others do the same so they can live their brightest, most creative lives.


Elizabeth Shreeve
Principal, SWA Group
Elizabeth is a principal and planning leader in the SWA Group’s San Francisco and Sausalito studios, and also a published children’s book author. Elizabeth will tell her story of pursuing a powerful career that includes creative growth in and outside of her work, and taking creative risks.

Is Double Vision for you?

You may be wondering if Double Vision is for you, or who else will be joining this program. Past program participants have included designers, artists, photographers, creative business owners, women who lead divisions in their company, and women who are just starting out in their creative careers.

Wondering whether the program will help you in your unique situation? You may be, for example:

  • A working mother with a side passion, hoping to find more time and structure to pursue this creative work
  • A freelancer with your finger in a lot of pots, hoping to streamline without ‘settling’ and find more peace and more income with less hustle
  • An early career creative with lots of passions and a lot of options, not knowing what to invest in getting more experience and training in
  • A more experienced professional who knows that in order to get to the next level, you’ll need to define your expertise and what you stand for, but you know that you don’t want to ‘just pick something–‘ you want something that will sustain your interests and keep you excited about work

-Aki Yoshida

“I’d save the trainings to watch at night. It was like a treat to look forward to at the end of the day.”

-Workshop Participant

Invest in Yourself.

If you sign up for Double Vision, where will you be this time next year?

Will you wish you invested in yourself and developed a vision and plan sooner? Will you look back at this investment as that one that kicked off that snowball effect in your life? Will you be in that job, the next rung up? Will you have landed that dream client that you hoped for?

Invest in your growth now and reap the benefits of faster career growth sooner. Get there with less confusion, and less pain and more gain now.

There’s a lot of professional development seminars and courses you can take….. many of them run between $1000-$2000, and you often have to take a day off of work in order to attend them.

You can take the Build Yourself workshop on your own terms—you can watch the trainings live during lunch break, or recorded, when you want to. The ten-week duration, biweekly trainings, assignments and forum mean that rather than just a brain dump of information in a one-day seminar, this training is delivered in bite-sized pieces that give you a chance to integrate the frameworks into you own life and career.

Rather than a generic career training,  Build Yourself is tailored for women in creative fields. The trainings and assignments are based on insight into the creative economy, and are designed for the creative mindset. Not only will you find the answers you’re looking for, but you’ll meet your creative cohort here.

You’ll Get

+Live Online Trainings & Worksheets ($875 value)

These pithy and inspiring trainings will get you where you want to go. Short worksheets and community forum dialogue mean that this isn’t abstract info, this is information that changes your life.

+Community Access & Accountability ($379 value)

Private forum access helps you get answers –and transforms your individual journey into a community experience. In the forum get access to feedback and answers from Mia, and connect with other women who will inspire you. Want the accountability and connection of a one-on-one? Sign up to be matched with an accountability partner.

+Bonus Guests ($275 value)

Hear the real stories of successful multipassionate women who are doing it–finding success and creative growth on their own terms. In live online sessions you’ll get to ask these women who run things like massive projects and podcasts with over 3 million downloads, everything you want to know about how they really do it, and how they’ve gotten where they are.

+Limited Spots Available: Intimate Small Group Coaching ($950 value)

Women rave about small group coaching with Mia, which is the perfect blend of individualized coaching and learning from others’ journeys. In these size-limited video calls, you’ll get Mia and a small handful of other women focused on your journey, helping you make the decisions that move your career forward.

Note: Many companies offer professional development funds that can be used to pay for or subsidize your participation in this course. Not sure if your company offers them? Advocate for yourself and ask. Want some help asking?  Download our script for asking.

Download the Script

“ Thanks for everything we did for me in the session today, Mia. I’m glad I made time for this. It’s amazing how much 30 minutes can really shift things. I now have a plan to move forward I’m excited about.”

-Kate Rutledge Gilbert
Accelerator 2017 Participant

Registration is now closed.

Got Questions?
Email Us

Or read our FAQs below.


When are the trainings? How do they work? 
The live online trainings are 45 minutes to an hour and are run during the workday, at 1:30pm EST every other Tuesday starting January 16, 2018. The small group coaching calls occur at the same time on weeks in between trainings. Bonus guest talks are at different times, due to guest’s schedules. But if you miss a training or can’t make the time, don’t worry, you’ll be able to access the recording. 
Why is this accelerator program called Double Vision? Is it only for people with a job and a side hustle?
Double Vision is for anyone who has more than one creative passion and pursuit, and is working to integrate them better and feel less fragmented and more focused. This may mean running more than one business, or may mean having a serious passion (or three!) that you’re struggling to make time for while working or taking care of your other commitments. Double Vision teaches a decision-making process for choosing what to invest your time in, and how to do it more strategically, which is  relevant for women who have multiple interests and commitments in many kinds of ways. The name ‘Double Vision’ is also a reference to the idea that great goals come from a combination of both right and left brain thinking, and that creativity AND success–whatever that means for you–are not mutually exclusive.
Who is this program for?
All Build Yourself trainings are meant for women in creative fields, and the accelerator is open to emerging and mid-career professionals. Not in a creative field but still like the vibe and approach? You’re welcome too.
Does this program focus only on career or on my personal life?
Work and life are related. Making active choices about what to invest in, and how to do that cuts across the personal and the professional–in Double Vision, you may find opportunities for your personal interests and passions to cross-pollinate with your career goals. So for example, you may decide that your food blog is tied to your interest in health and wellness, and you may decide that you want to go deeper on developing your reputation at work on your design for health and wellness expertise. Or you may decided that work is just work for now, and you want to feed your creative energy into something else. That said, the core focus and goal of all Build Yourself programs is career growth, and building the powerful, ambitious careers and bodies of work we want.

I don’t quite know what I want to pursue or have clear goals… Do I need to figure that out for this course to be useful to me? 
If you are in a position where you have a lot of interests but not a lot of commitments, or clear goals for yourself professional, you’ll go through the same process of starting with what you know today about your interests and work backwards from there to what goals you want to set for yourself.
I’m a freelancer or business owner. Is this course for me? 
While many Build Yourself women work in companies, the frameworks and assignments of accelerator can be used by women working for others or for themselves. Getting to the next level requires many of the same skills whether you’re an employee or an employer. In the last Accelerator, small business owners met potential clients and collaborators through the program.
Am I too busy for this program? 
All Build Yourself products are built on the less is more principle and we focus on helping you take microactions that will move you forward in your career. This means that we’ve designed assignments to be efficient and fit into your existing work week with minimum preparation. You can expect to spend 1-2 hours per week on this course, including watching and participating in trainings biweekly, and bonus guests recordings, and working on 30-60 minute worksheets on the week in between, as well as participating in the community forum. If you chose to be part of the small group coaching experience, our video calls will last for an hour on the weeks you don’t have a live-online training. If you choose to work with an  accountability partner, you’ll want to add some extra time to your off-week for speaking with her.
How will this program be delivered? 
The accelerator will be run through an online private course platform only for our community. You’ll be able to access your assignments, the accelerator schedule, and our private community through this site. Through the site you’ll also be able to access the live online trainings.


Registration is now closed.

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We are committed to making our programs affordable for any woman who is committed to making this investment in herself. To that end, we provide limited subsidization for women who are in tough financial situations and would need it to take the program. We ask anyone requesting a scholarship to send us a request in writing telling us why the assistance is needed and what price you can afford. We ask that you request the minimum scholarship that will allow you to attend, so that we can accommodate others who are in need.