Is self doubt holding you back from being the powerful woman you want to be?

Women Face Self Doubt


The voice of self-doubt constantly runs in most women’s heads, distracts us, and keeps us from trying for our dreams.

The most common place I see women get stuck, holding themselves back, is in self doubt.

And it hurts our chances and performance—because who’s going to trust you with authority and power when you’re constantly leaking self doubt? When you’re constantly unconsciously expressing that you don’t trust yourself?

That voice keeps us checking and rechecking work that is good, hesitating before we send out email after email, and keeps us from speaking up in meetings—and then kicking ourselves when someone else voices our ideas.

But you can change that voice in your head.  

If you’ve struggled with this, you’re not alone! Whether it is asking for a raise at work, pitching that idea you’ve been working on in your next meeting, or approaching that dream client you’ve been wanting to work with–you can actually learn confidence.

Introducing Defeat Self Doubt

Defeat Self Doubt is a five day audio course with daily short audio lessons combined and mini-assignments that will help you manage your inner critic and put it in its place. Designed for busy women, the audio lessons are ten minutes and shorter, and the exercises are designed to fit into the life you’re already living.

“During the course, I had hit a slump while working on a new project. Reflecting and acting on how my confidence was affecting my work made me realize that I still had a lot to offer and a lot of experience that I shouldn’t discount. I turned my negative energy towards asking for what I was worth, and I secured my first client! I also reached out to partners and now have meetings scheduled with them. One big takeaway was that we all go through the questioning and doubting ourselves so I wasn’t alone in thinking or feeling that way. It’s how I acknowledged these thoughts and took new actions that made the difference.”


Here’s what you’re going to learn:

DAY 1: Discovering your inner critic, and how it affects your confidence

DAY 2: Imposter Syndrome – feeling of being unqualified for the place you’re in

DAY 3: Determining what drives your inner critic so you can set it aside

DAY 4: Strategies to move past your innner critic

DAY 5: Bold action – taking action and control in your life to rewire your brain

“I really really enjoyed this course! I was fairly amazed at how easily I could pin-point my inner critic and it felt really empowering to be able to notice that that voice “sounded authoritative” but that it was essentially a pathological response. I found that I could ease up on my anxiety just by noticing what was happening and using the strategies you suggested. Thank you. Months later I’ve noticed that when I can manage to quiet the inner critic is when I can do my best work. Who can think clearly with someone yelling inside your head that you’re not smart?”


 Just $49