You’re smart, you’re worthy, but you’re less likely to make it into leadership than a man, and more likely to be paid less for the same work. Women face a deck that is stacked against them in the workplace. But gaining the skills and the mindset to move forward with confidence and direction makes it easier not just to move ahead, but to move ahead in the way that’s right for you.

The Build Yourself+ Workshop is for women who want to be present and empowered in driving their own careers and lives–and to navigate those barriers to advancement with skill and poise. You may be heading for the corner office, or you might have other plans, but you want to align your work with your values, and navigate your professional journey with inner confidence and professional skills.

Build Yourself Live Online

Group Coaching Program

Six Weekly Online Sessions, Mondays from 7-8:30pm EST
Starting October 30th

This online workshop is a a six week of the collection of skills, strategies and frameworks that will help you succeed.

Through six consecutive weekly live sessions, you’ll meet with an intimate group of other women for bootcamp training and group coaching in how to drive your career proactively. This is not a passive webinar, ladies, this is personalized group coaching to help you translate strategies and skills into fast fowarding your career. You’ll not only learn from the proven Build Yourself curriculum, but from other women engaged in the same process.

“The workshop has made me really think about what I want from my life and
how to go about achieving it. “

 Build Yourself+ is Different.  

 Maybe you’ve read Lean In, but what next? The workshop began with the idea that information is not enough. You need the space and time to apply insights to your life, in the context of community in order to drive real, transformative change

The Personal Challenge Model 

The weekly personal challenge translates insights on women in the workplace into actionable strategies to help you advance.

Rather than just talk, we do. In this six week bootcamp we take steps in our lives that begin turning our ambitions into reality.

“This course was a kind and refreshing
reminder that self-improvement can be challenging but doesn’t have to be a grueling horrible act!”


“I finally found my voice and am growing in more ways than I ever thought possible. I reached my six month goal of being promoted four months early–and ahead of the regular promotion season. I’m extremely excited about this (somewhat) new journey and still shocked that it happened so fast!”
Brittney Prest


“I’d read all these books on the topic of women’s empowerment, but I needed actual, physical experience practicing it. Enrolling in the workshop was money well-spent. It was a good investment in my development, and it paid off in the right job for me which came with a 40% pay increase.”
Barbara NazarewiczWatch Barbara’s Story 

Stacey Chapman

“I’ve always been a typical woman who is afraid to ask for what she probably deserves, and feels guilty about it. When I went on maternity leave with my first child, I felt like I didn’t ask for anything beyond the bare minimum offered. Now I’m using the concepts I learned in the workshop to think about both what I want, and how I can make that into something that’s appealing for my firm. I feel more empowered and don’t feel like I’m losing my spot on my project the same way I did the first time around.”
Stacey Chapman

In this training you’ll learn how to:

Advocate for Yourself

Identify your wants and needs ask for them, navigating the subtle biases and structural challenges that hold us back.

Build Inner Confidence

Quiet that voice of self doubt so you can get on with the work and be confident and powerful.

Grow in Your Career

Make moves that get you from here to there without having to choose work or life. Get recognized for your work and navigate risk, and bias against women in charge.

Communicate with Confidence

Develop a powerful voice and body language that instills confidence in you.

Negotiate and Ask

Get more of what you want, on your own terms through negotiation strategies that fit you and your personality.

Build Your Practice and the Culture

Develop practices for integrating self-growth into your daily life and building your old girls network 

You’ll learn through curated research, strategies and ideas. Through discussion and personalized support, you’ll apply it to your life.



Crafted for busy women. 

 Have you ever bitten off more than you could chew?

Build Yourself+ was designed to fit into the lives of busy women. Because we know that you need to get most out of your time, the workshop teaches through a unique challenge-based method, based on the life you’re already living. Our frameworks and community add that crucial extra level of intention that gets you out of the day-to-day and helps you move forward with purpose.   

Personalized support that gets you from here to there.

We’ve purposefully limited the size of the Build Yourself workshop to a small group coaching format so you get the time and attention you need to take your abilities to the next level. Struggling with self-doubt? Paid some dues and not sure what comes next? Working to step into your power and leadership? The intimate size and our personalized challenges mean that we get you from where you are to where you’re trying to go, whether that’s a promotion, setting boundaries at work or defining a role at work you can shine in. 

Develop your old girls club. 

Other women face these struggles. Learn from the stories and strategies of other women finding ways to make it work. The small size of the workshop makes it easy to build your network of women who cheer you on–and hold you accountable–long after the workshop has ended. 

“I’m an only child and have always kept to myself, but now I’m much more likely to reach out to my community.

Hearing the similarities of the struggles of other women was so helpful to me. The workshop made me realize the value of considered reflection in the context of community support. I didn’t realize how important that was to me.”

Hi, I’m Mia Scharphie. I founded Build Yourself+ in 2013 because I saw talented women around me letting self doubt hold them back from the careers and lives that they wanted. I just knew one day it was something I needed to bring into the world.

I developed the vision for Build Yourself+ the spring after Lean In came out, drawing on my training in facilitation and community building. Through the workshops and coaching I run, I’ve transformed the lives of countless women, and I’ve been transformed myself. I run Creative Agency, a company that helps mission-based organizations creatively engage audience and drive social impact, run a research effort on women in social impact design, and am part of the Equity Roundtable at the Boston Society of Architects.

While I love driving change on the wider front, I deeply believe that change starts inside, and love working with women to step into their power individually, and build the women around them to do the same.


National Endowment for the Arts

“Build Yourself + Workshop has changed my life forever. The workshop inspired me act sooner on making a move to Hawaii, something I’d been wanting to do, and my attitude towards my job hunt here was completely transformed. For the first time in my life, I was not only being interviewed, but I was interviewing potential companies as well.”
Aki Yoshida

“I realized I was letting opportunities just come to me instead of choosing the career path that I wanted. I was spending a lot of mental energy on the things that I don’t enjoy and don’t want to do. I can see a clearer path to what I want for myself professionally in the next five years–and am now developing my mentor network to figure out how to get there.”
Jennifer McGrory

“The workshop actually has changed the way I have been speaking. I actually can be that fun, easygoing person, and still have that adult voice. I feel a lot less fear and anxiety, and I’m less afraid of the consequences than I used to be. My advice to other women? Don’t wait twenty years before you start this process for yourselves.”
Shonali Rajani 

Invest in Yourself.

Invest in your growth now and reap the benefits of more confidence, faster career growth and more joy at work sooner. Get there with less confusion, and less pain and more gain now.


We are committed to making the Build Yourself+ Workshop affordable for any woman who is committed to making this investment in herself. To that end, we provide limited subsidization for women who are in tough financial situations and would need it to take the workshop. We ask anyone requesting a scholarship to send us a request in writing telling us why the assistance is needed and what price you can afford. We ask that you request the minimum scholarship that will allow you to attend, so that we can accommodate others who are in need.
photo credits: Eugene Buonaccorsi