In each workshop we look at curated research, strategies and ideas tailored to the topic of the day. Then, through discussion and self-work, we apply what’s useful to our own lives.

Workshop 1: Advocating for Yourself
This workshop kickoff covers the class and its basic frameworks including identifying your wants and needs and learning to ask for them, and thinking about yourself and your work in the context of the value you can add. We also look at challenges to work-life balance, and navigating subtle biases and structural challenges that hold us back.

Workshop 2: Building Inner Confidence
We cover focusing on your strengths and not obsessing about your weaknesses and being comfortable in your own skin. Learning how to take responsibility when things go wrong, and not ‘sweating the small stuff.’ Putting your inner critic in its place and achieving greater levels of calm, confidence and focus in your work. 

Workshop 3: Being Proactive
We address speaking up for yourself, taking credit gracefully, and taking responsibility. Gaining the skills you need to move up because often, “what got you here won’t get you there.” Learning how to hear ‘no’ and keep on truckin’. Being more proactive, pitching your ideas and navigating risk. Navigating biases against assertive women, or women in charge.

Workshop 4: Self Presentation
We explore strategies for confident speaking, learning how handle challenges when you don’t know the answers. Dealing with the ‘Who’s that chick?’ mentality in male-dominated environments and subtle gender stereotyping. Confident body language. Standing firmer on your ideas. 

Workshop 5: Negotiating and Asking
We cover the importance of negotiation and looking for your own opportunities. Asking for what you want, recognizing when things are negotiable, strategies for negotiating more successfully and navigating challenges specific to women in negotiations. Demystifying negotiation, coming prepared, and pre- and during-negotiation calming strategies.

Workshop 6: Moving Up and Forward
In this final class, we take stock of our development in the past five weeks and look on to the future. We also zoom out and look at some of the realities and encouraging structural shifts that are happening for our fields, and what we can do to build the cultures we want to work and live in.