MiaScharphie_headshotMia Scharphie is a community builder, designer and changemaker who founded Build Yourself+ to help the women around her step into their power and move past the obstacles facing women in the workplace.

Mia is a trained facilitator and runs her own creative communication and social impact consultancy Creative Agency. She’s a researcher and activist and cofounded Proactive Practices, a research collaborative on social impact design business, runs a Harvard Business School study on women in social impact design and sits on the Equity Roundtable at the Boston Society of Architects.

Mia is trained in facilitation around issues of gender and in cross-cultural contexts, and has spoken extensively and run workshops across the country including at the Association of Community Designers, and A Better World by Design, as well as the University of Pennsylvania and UT Austin. Mia received her master in landscape architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and her bachelors in Urban Studies from Brown University. Her writings on issues of equity have been published in the Christian Science Monitor and GOOD.