Set Yourself Up for Success with Double Vision

I’ve been teaching women how to set ambitious and creative goals. On my latest webinar, I talked about my own story of doing too many things (which included a freelance design company, a research collaborative, a startup, an empowerment bootcamp for women, a speaker series-a pop-up dinner club…. Oh yeah and I was teaching myself hand lettering at the time.)


In truth, it was really exhausting.

I was working all the time, but I never seemed to be moving forward. I felt like I was constantly spiraling.

And even if you’re not one of those people who does 8 million things, odds are you’re tired too. I talk to women who tell me that their biggest problem is being really exhausted–especially if they’re balancing work with life… and wanting to grow at work and creatively, but feeling like they’re not sure how in the world they’d add another thing in.

“My biggest challenge is being very exhausted while raising kids and being in a job that doesn’t align with my passions, and not having enough time or energy for my passions. I need to work on finding a clearer path.”

“Sometimes I’m at work, working 40-50 hours a week, and it just isn’t what I want to do. I don’t know whether I’m supposed to just change my attitude to make it more interesting.”

“I want to grow a body of work, but I don’t have a clear focus… or know what that focus should be…or if that’s really what I want to commit to!”

Life is short. You want more creativity, more growth, more joy and a more powerful career. But get this… you’ll be stuck forever if you don’t make the investment in making active choices about what you want. It’s time to have the life and career that you want.

Want to stop spiraling and spiral up?


Double Vision, my program launching in January, will do that for you. It’s a ten-week live online program for your professional growth. It will give you a clear vision for your career and creative growth that will help you achieve the success, clarity and peace of mind you want.

Double Vision includes:

  • Live Training Video Calls
  • Worksheets
  • Private Community
  • An optional Accountability Partner for your own growth
  • Bonus Talks with real women on how they really did it

Double Vision, the Build Yourself winter 2018 Accelerator program, will give you career direction that integrates your multiple parts, and gets you to the next level.

Has someone ever asked you what your five-year career plan is and you’ve frozen up? Not sure even where you want to go next?

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck and you could get there at work….. if only you knew where ‘there’ was?

Have you ever felt like you were doing a million things…. But you felt tired all the time and weren’t sure it was really adding up to anything?

Have you ever wondered whether you should quit it all and become a potter?

When you have a clear sense of how all your parts relate, and what the next level is, you get there faster.

Because rather than spend all that energy stressing about what you want, whether you’re making the right choice, and worrying that you don’t know where you’re going….

You know.

And you stop worrying about whether you should commit time to this opportunity, or say yes to that possibility, you just know.

And all that stress, that worry, that hamster-wheel, going-nowhere noise energy suck disappears… and you get that energy back to move forward.

There’s a lot of information out there about goal setting… but it never worked for me. It was prescriptive, it was reductive, it tried to make me into someone I wasn’t.

It wasn’t meant for creatives.

It was like, “Hello, left side of the brain! Please leave your other half at home.”

Yeah right. That’s not going to happen. Because, I’m sorry, but I’m a special snowflake.

You might be one too.

So just like in all my programs, I’ve spent time developing an approach design specifically for creatives. It balances results with creatively-inspired actions and activities.

Mia seemed to “get” me right away. She understood that my strength is passion and creativity over ‘traditional’ business and helped me form a plan for how to grow myself and increase visibility that feels more right for me.” -WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT


That’s what I’ll teach you in this season of the Accelerator. In ten weeks you’ll learn:

–> How to describe yourself and your body of work more cohesively and confidently.

–> How to use that direction to set goals that are right for you for right now.

–> How to choose the right commitments and projects that drive you forward and bring you joy. How to identify when guilt and obligation are holding you back from the right commitments, and how to unhook from it.

–>How to feel less fragmented and less exhausted in pursuing your interests through smart time-based strategies

–> How to ‘do more with less’ through finding synergies among your efforts, and how to make the investments of your time go farther in helping you reach your goals.

And finally, we’ll get those big dreamy goals into bite-sized action steps you can take, no matter how exhausted you are. You’ll pull it all together into a strategy and action steps so you can translate this experience into real change in your life.

Have you ever committed to a goal and then not seen it through?

Do you worry that this is just another one of those things?

I’ve worked with class after class of women, who are busy creatives, moving from deadline to deadline, while keeping home in check.

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and I’ve built the Accelerator using core ingredients I’ve found that work.

+ Bite-Sized Strategy Trainings: Biweekly live online trainings keep you learning skills you can apply in your career today…. I’m not a fan of the big information dump…. You feel inspired for a few days, and then it disappears. The ten-week duration of the course gives you a chance to integrate the frameworks into you own life and career.

This is not your typical online course that you buy and never get done. The trainings are live for added accountability and engagement. But if you miss a training or can’t make the time, don’t worry, you’ll be able to access the recording.

+ Accountability: Biweekly assignments keep you learning continually—and applying learning to your own life. And because life is busy, I’ve broken up these assignments into bite-sized pieces so you can stay ahead without putting everything else in your life on hold.

My team challenges ourselves to make these worksheets as short as possible so that you get the most out of them, without having to do gobs of homework.

+ Community: The Accelerator includes a community forum for discussing your assignments and working through the challenges and opportunities in your career right now, and getting expert advice from me. Hoping to make some deeper connections, or work better one-on-one? Sign up for an optional accountability partner to work with throughout the process.

Women who take my programs tell me that the community is that secret weapon—a gamechanger for them.

“I’m an only child and have always kept to myself, but now I’m much more likely to reach out to my community.” -WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT


And, for those of you who want added accountability, individualized attention from me, and expert guidance on your unique situation, I’m offering a small size-limited group coaching experience. You’ll meet with me and a small group of other women in which we’ll go deep into your work, your assignments, your situation. This experience will help you get everything you can out of the Accelerator, and is offered at $450 off the usual price.

Imagine, it’s this time next year.

Your short story, a collaboration with your writing partner who you just love has just been published. Your coworkers are impressed and proud, and one of them tells you he really liked it.

You just got your end-of-year bonus… and it’s big. Your boss says to you that the whole leadership team has noticed a change in you in the past year, and they see you on a leadership track.

Your arts collective—previously a loose group—is now rowing in the same direction, and just completed its first commission. You’re now being asked to do more work like this, and companies are inviting you in to speak about how to bring your approach to their projects.

You can have the things that you want.

But you’re going to need to invest in yourself, and invest in doing something different.

Join us in January.