A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of Build Yourself

Today I wanted to give you little sneak peek of what I’m working on behind the scenes.

I designed my Build Yourself website years ago–when the workshop was just a six-week training program that I ran in Boston twice a year. We now offer more than one training–Build Yourself Live Online, the Build Yourself Accelerator, my 5 day audio course Defeat Self Doubt–not to mention corporate workshops and speaking. I knew it was time for a redesign and rebrand–to make it easier for people to access my programs, and to reflect the new identify of Build Yourself.

I designed the first website, and I’ve designed websites and brands before, for my consultancy clients, so I thought I’d just redesign my own website. And I was excited–it seemed like a great opportunity to reflect on what Build Yourself was, and where it’s going.

But Build Yourself is my baby. And I was too close. I spent months working at the redesign unsuccesfully. It felt I couldn’t quite capture the new look and feel and potential I could see just beyond the horizon. I was hitting a wall.

Now, I teach women to work smarter not harder–and I teach them to get out of their own heads when they’re stuck. In my recent Build Yourself Accelerator program on building your profile and visibility, women split up into pairs, interviewed each other and then wrote each others’ bios…. Sometimes it’s easier to see your strengths and what the through-line is, when you’re not you.

But it took a while to realize that I was working harder not smarter.

Once I did (with a little help from my friends… more specifically with my business wingwoman) I got smart and hired a designer to help me. I handed over my design files and she came back to me with something much more beautiful, simple, cheerful and positive than I ever could have imagined. And bonus…? I got to support another woman in business. #oldgirlsnetwork.

Here’s a few sneak peaks of the website. It will be cleaner and simpler to navigate, and I’ll have more opportunities to show off the amazing women that I work with in my programs, and their breakthroughs.

Behind the scenes I’m also working on the upcoming Build Yourself Accelerator program, that will start just after the new year. It’s called Double Vision. It’s for people who do more than one thing creatively— we’ll teach you how to do more than one thing, while still moving forward in your career. I just landed a guest speaker that I am so so (so!) excited about. You’ll be hearing more from me in the coming weeks on the program, but if you are a creative with many passions, and you worry having more than one passion may be holding you back, I want to hear from you. Click here to let me know.